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Today was a little busy, but it could have been better. The plumber came to repair the kitchen sink, but it turned out to be worse than expected, so they are scheduled to come back tomorrow. In addition, I also had to go grocery shopping which needed to be done. I got most of the things I needed, but wasn’t able to get everything. I forgot to make a note of a couple of things needed, but this will be acquired when I go to get the dog food the dogs will need. The dogs of course got their walk which was a good thing too.

On some other news, the iPod Touch I had for 5 years is getting worse. I am going to treat it as if it is dead and will expire it when I can get a replacement. I placed an order for a cheap tablet with Walmart which I should get in less than a week. I had terrible experiences with cheaper tablets, but considering I need to replace the iPod ASAP, and I don’t have much money, I have to hope for the best. This is a 7” (1024×600) tablet with a poor, but hopefully tolerable resolution. It has 1.2Ghz Dual Core CPU, 1GB of memory, and 4GB of storage. There is an micro-SD card slot though. Since I don’t have an micro-SD card, I will have to get one if I choose to keep this. There is conflicting specs with version 3.1 and 4.1. If it is 3.1, it will be returned immediately. The tablet will typically remain home and serve as a music player, and a home clock. It will use Wifi to connect to my music until an SD card can be purchased.

As for plans for tomorrow, I am expecting to have the plumber come in again. However, before they come, I will like to get the dog food. While there is a bag already available, the dogs only have about 5 days before they will need to have the bag opened. I want to make sure they have enough food for the month. If I go tomorrow morning, I will leave rather early, get the dog food, and the few groceries I forgot.


Not much happened today. The kitchen sink is still not working, so a plumber will be coming about 11:30AM to address it. I am also hoping that the food assistance benefits comes in tomorrow as well. If so, I will be able to address multiple things at one time. I watched a couple of videos, and a new TV show which has been added to my Hulu list. It will seem as if many TV studio companies have some form as ADHD as they can not seem to keep a show running for a season or longer.

Otherwise, not much else happened today. I did managed to walk the dogs, but considering it was still below freezing – it was a short walk. As for plans for tomorrow, it will be the plumber, and hopefully the grocery store early in the morning or later in the afternoon. Otherwise, no plans for the day.

Standards of a new House

There are many designs, shapes, and textures to homes today. Some are large, and some are. Some are tall, and some are wide. While I feel only a few restrictions should be placed on homes in comparison today in regards to designs, I feel that the house should be dramatically changed from what they are today.

The reason is the home is the cause of 45% of the greenhouse gases. Imagine if every home was to these standards, we could cut our pollution by almost half. These proposals of requirements are based on technology of today, and while a little more expensive (expect +25%), this would be a dramatic savings to the environment (small carbon footprint), nature (small reality footprint), and the pocket (smaller impact on your finances). However, considering the dramatic changes, these would probably be best for new homes.

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