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Not much happened today. I walked the dogs, did a little bit of work on a web site, and updated my Google Plus settings. I also caught up on some podcasts. The update with Google Plus will be for when Google rolls out Caller ID services, and therefore will display my name for calls I will make to other Android 4.4 devices.

Andrea, and a couple of the children came by to see the dogs for about 10 minutes. She also provided a small portion of the month she owed, but will not be able to pay the remainder amount until Friday which is becoming a pain in the ass as this will mean she will be late.

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Today was a very long day. I left about 9AM and didn’t get home until almost 5:30PM. Look at all of the things I do for family. First, Andrea needed a replacement phone, so I needed to make those arrangements. This was done in Downtown, and while I was dealing with the phone, I also paid the bill. Once I finished that, I sent Chris’ defective phone which was to be sent via UPS.

I then arrived at Andrea’s place which my youngest nephew for the second day in a row has been nothing but mean and miscreant to me. I am not taking it personally, but if it was my child, there would have to be a bit more discipline with him. I even caught him kicking Nippers (the family dog) which I really set him straight about that.

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A bit has happened today. I went to Andrea’s to provide the G2x which she will be using until I upgrade which will not likely happen for a while. She has got the basics on it, but she didn’t seem to want to pay attention. I got home, let the dogs play in the back yard for a while, and then I made dinner.

I also wrote a couple of emails, and caught up on some video podcasts. As for plans for tomorrow, not much is planned. I will walk the dogs, but for the most part – I will be home.


Not much happened today. I walked the dogs, and did a little work on a web site that I will soon hope to have up soon. I also watched a couple of shows, and a few podcasts. Otherwise, the day has been a bit quiet.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to leave early in the morning provided my Food Benefits came in. If so, that will be a great deal of help as I have to get groceries. Otherwise, not much else planned for the day.


Not much happened today. Chris stopped by for a few hours. It also was raining which means I didn’t get to walk the dogs. Today was a relatively lazy day for the most part. I watched a few podcasts, but that was about it.

As for plans for tomorrow, it is expected to have a blizzard, or at the very least – a powerful snow storm coming in. If so, I won’t be able to do much. Not much else going on though.


Today was a slightly busy day. I walked the dogs into the morning, and eventually had to go for a doctor’s appointment. The Troy Hill bus was a few moments late, but it was OK as I still caught the Freeport Road to get to the appointment on time. After that, I went to the pharmacy to get the prescription filled, but it would seem as if my insurance will not cover it until tomorrow. This means I have to make a special trip tomorrow. I got home, watched a few podcasts, and eventually updated my player that I use at night time.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to go to the grocery store, and to the pharmacy. The grocery store is to get dog food, while the pharmacy is of course for the prescription that needs to be filled.


Not much happened today. I finished the PC that needed worked on, and the PC itself is a good quality machine, although it reminded me why I hated Vista so much. However, I managed to do all that could be done, and set it aside for the owner to pick it up (hopefully today).

I spent a little bit of time working on a couple of updates on a web site, and caught up on some videos from Hulu, and podcasts. I also spent a little time watching a TV show on Netflix.

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Not much happened today. I did my normal activity in the morning, and cooked 2lb of pasta which most of it went into the refrigerator so I could heat it up as needed. I caught up on some podcasts, but otherwise – not much happened.

Chris stopped by in the evening for a couple of hours. He went home afterwards. I also completed a couple of websites which I had added to the Big Ass What If Network of sites. I am considering getting a .COM version of the domain name once my old fspuntd.com domain expires. However, this is for another time.

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A bit has happened today. I had to go to the grocery store to get dog food, and bread. In turn, I just missed the bus that I needed to return home which meant I had to wait an hour. I also did a little work on a couple of sites (from my myth), and caught up on a few podcasts, and shows on Hulu.

I also made a call to T-Mobile inquiring on a phone that will support a feature I want. It is a shame that I am still making payments (only about ½ paid off), and what was a flagship phone last year doesn’t support everything.

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Today was a bit of a quiet day which meant that I should have been able to keep up with myself. I watched some podcasts, and a couple of shows on Hulu. I made a couple of phone calls, and worked on a couple of sites. I had some issues with one of the Pilone.name web sites which hasn’t been resolved yet.

Not much else happened. Trying to communicate with support was the most important thing I done. As for plans for tomorrow, I am hoping that the domain malfunctioning will be fine. I will also want to walk the dogs on their long walk. I am also hoping Chris will stop down with some money owed.