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Today was a busy day. I woke up early which was a good thing. After letting the two out in the back yard, I took them out for a walk. Malak still feels a need to do his business on the walk which I am not too fond of. After the walk, they had some time for themselves before I let them out one more time, and then having to leave for an appointment.

My appointment is for a dental surgeon that will do some work that the regular dentist can’t do. My appointment was for 8:30AM. I arrived at 8:!5AM, and finally seen the doctor at 9:30AM. Yes, that would be 1 hour later than the appointment. I personally would have expected better from Montifeore Hospital.

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Not much happened today. Some good news. Port Authority decided to postpone the terminations for 1 year. It would have been their largest action since its conception. This would have involved elimination of 35% of their routes, and reduce services on the remaining 65%. It would also reduce services after 10PM to just a handful routes. It would have in my opinion crippled the city to a point. However, this has been postponed.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will be rebuilding the site I have been working on. This is due to the fact I am not as much in a rush to push out a site. However, I know the problems still exists. I will want to push out a site nonetheless.

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First Impression–Connect Card

Late last month, I received my Connect Card from Port Authority of Allegheny County. I am not going to go in how this should had been doing 10 years ago, or how I had to wait almost 3 weeks before I could have started using it, but this is in focus on my first impression of the card, and what I think should be improved on.

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A bit has happened today. It would seem as if my appointment was 1 hour later than what they told me. This became a waste of time. It was even more of waste of time. On some other news, I was able to activate my connect card as well.

First, I tried to make a call with rescheduling an appointment. This didn’t work out, and seemed to have called them too early. I also spent too much time on the phone trying to activate the card. I eventually went to the service center, but they told me I had to activate it before I could add funds, and I had to call them to activate it.

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A bit happened today. I had to go to an appointment with a nutritionist. This meant I had to leave about 10AM to get there a little after 11AM for a noon appointment. This was recommended  by my PCP which I tend to try to follow her advise.

After leaving to appointment, I went to downtown to get cleats placed on the shoes. I also spent a little more than $5 for lunch which will hit me later. I did get home, and got the Connect Card – however Port Authority is recommending that I don’t use it until it can be registered which is on the 13th. Kind of pointless in having the card if they don’t want you to use for another week and a half?

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Not much happened today. I had to run an errand to get iced tea. I got tired of drinking just water all weekend. I normally go to Rite-Aid to get Turner’s brand, however they were out of it. I went to Isaly’s which didn’t have Turner’s, but had a brand called United. It’s not as good as Turner’s, but much better than the brands around here.

I also found out via Twitter after making a sarcastic comment on Twitter that I should be receiving my Connect Card in the next few days. If I don’t, I should contact Port Authority. I hope to get it before I have to leave on Wednesday so I can make use of it. Just in case, I have coinage for bus fare.

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Not much happened today. I did some prework for the web site I am working on, and had a piece of mail that needed to be addressed. I also called Port Authority in regards to the Connect Card which I received the invitation for this week. It would seem it can take 3-5 business days with regards to their mail. In other words, they might be sending it out on Monday. They gave me another number to call if I want more detail, but you would figured that they will give that option in their IVR (Interactive Voice Response).

No plans for tomorrow. I will be home, especially considering that it will be a Sunday, and there are no buses. Otherwise, things will be much the same. As for the mail that had to be addressed today, that will be done tomorrow when I drop some mail off in the mailbox.


A bit has happened today. I had to go and take care of a few errands. Of course the dogs got their walk and some exercise before hand and they got their evening workout too. However, a few hours in the day, I was gone.

I had to first go to the bank, and make a deposit in the bank. Once I did  that, I needed to go to Petco to get a new feces scooper. I decided to instead spend the money on a shovel type rather than the mechanical one with a gripper that ended up breaking in a few months. While I was at the Waterworks Mall, I spent about $5 to get a backpack since mine was starting to fray at the shoulder straps. It’s not much of a backpack. It has a notebook pocket, a main pocket, and a smaller pocket for things such as cash, and cards. Needless to say, this will take a lot of getting used to, but I am hoping it will only be until I can replace it with a better backpack.

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Connect Card–Maybe

I received an email noting that I qualify to be one of the first ones of the general public for the Connect Card from the local bus system. In other words, they are doing something they should have done 10 years ago. I filled out the form for the address for them to send it, and should get it sometime this week. This card will essentially replace my need for cash, and hopefully replace the need for me to carry the half fare card. I will continue to keep the half fare card (unless it is to be relinquished) in case I loose the Connect Card, but rather than me depositing money in to the really terrible new fare boxes, I will simply tap the reader and funds will be deducted from my prepaid account.

This card will make my life easier, especially if funds can be added online. As noted, I will not have to carry cash to pay the fare box. In addition, I will not have to break change which typically means I will have to buy something. And when the first of the month comes, and I have no cash, I will not have to spend $4.00 in ATM fees plus buy something so I can have the needed bus fare – although in September, I won’t have to do that any how. My goal will be to eventually add funds by the month, or quarter (3 months) and use the card once the driver sets the correct fare. There are few things that will be of concern.

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Not much happened today. I made a comment to Port Authority about the proposed cancellation of the only bus route that serves my area. I also walked the dogs on the treadmill, and then a social walk which they had received some attention with the workers at the pharmacy.

I made the last of my eggs to make egg salad sandwiches, and will have to wait until the 9th for my EBT food benefits. Not much else has happened otherwise. The dogs slept most of the day which was unusual. As for plans for tomorrow, not much planned. I will have to go to the local store to get a loaf of bread. Otherwise, not much else planned.