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And the Craziness Concludes

Today (2014-07-14) was a crazy day. First, I had to run a couple of errands. This led me to walk the dogs early in the morning. I then boarded a bus to go to Downtown at 8AM. Out of this, I went to find out shipping costs for an item so I will know when I get a similar item. I also got an email from an eBay seller to tell me that what I asked for wasn’t what I got. So, that was a thorn in the side. I also went to FedEx to make a few copies, and get a receipt scanned to .pdf. After the post office, and FedEx, I waited in line to get into Social Security to get verification of my income. I went home, walked the dogs again, and went back out after I dropped off everything I done. I went to the pharmacy to pick up something there, and made it back home.

Part of what needed to be done was fold some documents which then had to be stamped, and prepared to send. The income verification would have been among them, but the envelope from the company was defective which meant I had to call them, and get an address I can send mail too. That will have to be done when I get the chance. I will have that document and what needs to be done prepared beforehand. The receipt is for my Nexus 5 which I chose to spend $90 for a 2 year agreement as compared to what I would have to pay with  T-Mobile. I sent an IM to the person that was supposed to have the phone about the defect. I also sent a message to help someone, wrote two blog postings on my Technology Blog, and a posting on this blog (other than this one), and concluded the day with dinner, and ending the evening.

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A bit happened today. First, I had to go to the bank to make a deposit that needed to be immediately addressed. I also went to a court hearing I was scheduled to attend, but it seemed as if it was cancelled. Next, I went to the post office which I needed to get postage stamps which is on the behalf of someone else which was addressed already. Last, I had to go grocery shopping which I bought what I hope to be almost a month’s worth of groceries.Simply put, I don’t have cash to spend on food this month, so I have to rely exclusively on my benefits.

I did managed to get a hold of my brother who told me that he will address part of an issue he caused this weekend. I also managed to receive a call from Andrea which told me next week. I am assuming that from now on, I have to give everyone a zero tolerance policy. It’s a shame I have to treat family as such.

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A bit happened today, at least during the morning. In a sense, I didn’t want to go as I still had a bit of pain, however I sucked it up. I had a few errands that had to be done in order to make life reasonable over the next days, and future. Before I left, I gave the dogs a rawhide stick. They get one every few days to keep their teeth clean.

About 9AM, I left to take a bus to go to a post office. It was actually a sub-station with the postal clerk complaining that I only had a $100 bill when I wanted to pay for $70 worth of services. I personally feel it wasn’t my fault that he couldn’t complete my order fully. I think from now on, I will check to see if I could just purchase online through the post office’s web site. It wouldn’t have solved all of my problems, but it would have solved what I would consider as stupidity on the worker’s part.

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No More PO Box

Earlier this month, my PO Box expired, and this was by choice. There were a number of reasons of why, but this will now take some adjusting. This is the first time in 20 years that I had been without a PO Box. The reason of why was for privacy.

However, I have come across the realization that I almost never send nor receive mail beyond bills. Needless to say, my Internet Service Provider for example knows my address. The same applies to the electric company. So, instead of paying $38 per 6 months, and have to spend a morning anytime I will want to check my mail that may or may not have anything in it, I have decided to simply cancel the box.

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Not much happened today. I had to go to Downtown. It would seem as if the forwarding didn’t take effect in time to send the One Main Financial check. It was in my box waiting for me, and it was postmarked on the 16th. However, I still stand by my accusation of them being liars and thieves. If they didn’t do what they did, I wouldn’t had to deal with them sending a check in the first place.

Also, while at the post office, I closed my box and set the forwarding again. I then went to the bank to deposit the check and some money I had. I also got a courtesy check for the photo ID I would have needed. Next, I went to the Port Authority Service center which I put funds to the card I have with them.

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A bit happened today. First, I had to go to Downtown. While there, I spent my last $3 on getting cleats placed on my shoes. Next, I went to the post office to not get the check I should have from One Main Financial. Needless to say, I will have to call them about that tomorrow. After that, I took a bus to my doctor’s appointment. I was able to get in a little early but had to wait for a route 1 to get me back to the North side. I went to fill my prescription, and after more than an hour of waiting, it would seem they didn’t have it. I was told to go to the Rite-Aid on Pennsylvania Avenue which of course cost more money for bus fare only to find out the prescription can’t be filled until Friday. So, there was 3 hours of my time wasted.

I finally made it home let the dogs out, and fed them. However, with as much pain as I am in, I am not likely to want do do much. I didn’t even have the will to pull the sleeper out. As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to call One Main Financial to find out where my check is. Otherwise, I will expect that I won’t be doing much as I am sure the events of today would be a drain on me for a day or two.


A bit happened today, some of which was disappointing. First, I had a doctor’s appointment which was not much happened there. The doctor prescribed something for a small ear infection. Otherwise, nothing much happened. I then went to Downtown to check on my mail in false hope that One Main Financial finally sent the check they should have a week ago. It would seem as if they hadn’t yet. I will be checking again on Monday the 19th when I go for another appointment.

In the mid afternoon, the shopping cart ordered from Walmart came. This will mean that future events that I will have to go grocery shopping, especially for dog food, the cart will be taken. Since dog food is 38lbs (17.23kg) for the bag that will last two weeks, the idea is I should be able to put a minimum of one, and hopefully two bags in, and make it easier to bring the food back home, especially since I have to walk at least 3 city blocks to get to the closest bus stop to go home.

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Today was a busy day which will include making some photocopies, going to the post office, and grocery shopping. The reason of the post office was in hopes of getting a check for the money that One Main Financial stole from me. I have yet to get the $115.60 check. I then had to go get groceries. Living off of Peanut Butter Sandwiches is not ideal. I got some hot pockets for when I am in too much pain to cook. I also got some Steakums, and bread. I took the bus home, and dropped off the groceries only to return to East Ohio Street for getting something to drink.

After that, I used some of the money that Andrea paid to get a shopping cart. This shopping cart cost around $20, but with S&H and taxes, it was over $25, and to be on the safe side, I budget for $30. I should expect to receive it on the 15th of November which should be good as this will make grocery shopping much easier, especially when I need to buy dog food.

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A few things happened today. I went to get new soles on my shoes which of course took a while. I first have to take two buses to get there, and two buses back. One bus trip is about 45 minutes. I also had to pick up my mail. Out of my mail, only two items left with me. One of them was Vonage trying to get me to go back with them. This is not something I was interested in, considering the problems I had. After questioning the sales rep, they still seem as shady as always, even though they are legitimate company.

Not much else went on today. I tried to get a hold of Chris, and tried to place an order with a company for a service – but they wouldn’t accept it. I called them, and they decided to have me jump through hoops. I told them to cancel the account. I finished the day with going with a competitor, and left it be at that.

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Today was a mixed day. I went to the post office to collect my mail, and to the bank to make a deposit. After that, I went to the grocery store. The regular dog food that I normally was not available, so I got the second choice. Even with that, I wasn’t able to get as much as I wanted.

When I got home, I did some composing on a blog posting that I am trying to finish up. I am hopefully going to finish that later this week. It also seems as if I will be using Second Life much less often as my PC has been over heating more and more with it. With this in mind, I had sent a notice to all of the friends explaining that, and giving alternatives in keeping in touch at least until I can get a new system.

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