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How I wish I could have mined!

A while ago, there was a service called Bitcoin that started. As anything that deals with money, I was a bit cautious about jumping in. However, I decided to take the leap as it is around, and there was only one major security breach.

For those that don’t know, bitcoins are an electronic virtual currency. Merchants and people can use them independently of the banks, and therefore independent of transaction fees. One could of course exchange it for real currency which can be deposited into a bank account, or Paypal. However – there are exchange fees, and one is responsible for any taxes due to it.

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Today was an interesting day. I started the exercise, and once I was ready to get Talisa on the treadmill, the power went out so the electric company can do some maintenance. I decided to walk the dogs to E. Ohio and to Cedar avenue which I intended for them to have a long walk anyhow. I did come across someone that never seen a person walking a Doberman, and a Pit Bull. He seemed to have thought it was something amazing.

I did get back home, and fed them. However, much of my day was pretty quiet. I did format Malak’s web site which is now a little better configured, and the database is easier to maintain.

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Not much today went on. Power never went out. Instead, it kept going, but at a cost. The temperature was cold, and there was snow. Since my shoe soles needs to be replaced, I wasn’t comfortable with walking the dogs in this weather until I can replace my soles.

I did play with them for a little while and gave them each an extra 30 minutes on the treadmill. Not much else went on. I caught up on some podcasts, and did some editing.

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