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Today was a busy day. First, I had to go to the pharmacy. This was to drop off a prescription which I left there while I had to do address a few groceries. Next, I went to the grocery store to get a couple of loaves of bread, and carrots for the dogs. I also bought a notepad which I was running low on the paper resources I have. In addition to getting my groceries, I also had to add funds to my Connect Card. This was to assure that I will have the bus fare I will need.

Chris also stopped by for a few hours. After he left – I walked and fed the dogs. As for plans for tomorrow, not much is planned. I will definitely be home – although I will plan on doing my laundry. Also, this will be the last daily update post I will be making in the foreseeable future. After today, I will be doing weekly updates rather than daily. These updates will provide from Sunday through Saturday, and will be published on Sunday morning.


A bit happened today. I started with part of the day sending someone an SMS to wish them well on their birthday. I also called T-Mobile to inquire about support for the 1900Mhz 3G band for Pittsburgh, and T-Mobile does offer 1900Mhz for 3G. In addition, the representative was kind enough to send me a free Micro-SIM card. If I was to get the card in the store, they would have charged me $10. Next, I went to the grocery store to get some food for myself, and for the dogs. After that, it was a trip to the pharmacy to get my prescription filled. After my prescription was filled, I purchased a couple of other things that was only available at the pharmacy.

Once I returned home, I fed the dogs, and placed an order for my niece Alexis which if everything works as the representative claims, it would be something that will benefit her. In addition, Alexis tends to appreciate the things I do for her when I can, so it will be just an issue of financial cost. Later on, I received a notice from HUD for an inspection which is not an issue neither. However, the vast majority of my day remaining was in a bit of pain.

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Not much happened today. I watched a few videos including some of Hulu, and Youtube. I also made a phone call to get a new prescription sent to me for my pain medicine. I also sent a message, but otherwise not much happened today. I did a couple of changes on one of my sites. However, not much else. As for plans for tomorrow, and the weekend – I have no real plans. The dogs will be walked obviously, and I will also give them a brushing.


Not much happened today. I had to place an order for rawhide sticks, and a couple of other items including a case and a headset for the phone. I also received my prescription for my medicine which I would have preferred to just have them ahead of time. Afterwards, I walked the dogs, and fed them.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to go to Downtown, then to the North Side. The trip to Downtown is to get some tests done to make sure my recent illness is nothing more than a flu. I will also have to drop off an application with the Department of Public Assistance, and then head back to get my prescription filled. I will also have to pay my bills, but this will be done early in the morning


Today was a busy day. I woke up early which was a good thing. After letting the two out in the back yard, I took them out for a walk. Malak still feels a need to do his business on the walk which I am not too fond of. After the walk, they had some time for themselves before I let them out one more time, and then having to leave for an appointment.

My appointment is for a dental surgeon that will do some work that the regular dentist can’t do. My appointment was for 8:30AM. I arrived at 8:!5AM, and finally seen the doctor at 9:30AM. Yes, that would be 1 hour later than the appointment. I personally would have expected better from Montifeore Hospital.

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Not much happened today. I had a couple of errands to do. One of them was in Downtown, while the other was to drop off my prescription on the North Side. To conserve costs, I walked from Troy Hill to East Ohio to drop off the prescription. After that, I took a bus to Downtown to make some copies, and finally a bus back home.

As for plans for tomorrow, not much is planned. I will likely stay home, with exception of walking the dogs, and making some phone calls.


Today was a slightly unexpected day. I went to the dentist as normal, however the dentist was concerned about infection in one of the extraction sites which was the most stubborn. With some anesthesia, she cleaned out the area, and inserted a medicated gauze pad that should fall out in a day or two. I am to call on Monday to see if there are any openings for Wednesday. However, with the procedure, I wasn’t much in the mood to address another issue. I will instead have to do that on Monday. I also had to get an extension on the anti-biotics which will cover for the weekend.

On a lighter side, the dogs had an opportunity to play with a neighbor’s dog before getting a walk which I wanted them to have before I went to the appointment. However, it will seem as if the ring holding Malak’s tags broke which I will need to get a new one for him.

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Today was a busy day. I had to go to an appointment. I left at 9:45AM to get to an appointment on time at 11:15AM. This was required by taking two buses, the first bus’s fare box was offline. This only saved about 50¢. I also had to wait about 45 minutes for the Route 1 when I left my appointment. I also picked up my prescription, which I had to wait another 45 minutes for my bus back home. I finally got home about 2:30PM. I took the dogs out for a short walk, and then fed them.

Not much planned for tomorrow. I will have to make a couple of phone calls, and do a little work on a couple of web sites. I will have a bit of errands that will need to be done on Friday.


Not much happened today, although today was a bit busy. First, a few things came in that was ordered. I received a rent rebate which was used to get the dogs in for an annual checkup, but also was used to get them new correction collars, a 6 pack of socks, and I splurged in getting a set of Bluetooth headphones – all of which have been received today. I am still waiting on the rechargeable batteries which will reduce the need to purchase batteries for the controller.

I also went down to pick up my prescription which was supposed to be filled yesterday, but I wasn’t able to pick it up since there are no buses in Troy Hill on Sunday. The local pharmacy still does not wish to support UPMC for You, and I have given up on them almost a year ago. I went down to get the prescription which had to be filled, but thankfully, I made it to the stop in time for the bus that brought me to East Ohio to return me to Troy Hill. Otherwise, I would have had to wait for more than an hour.

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Not much happened today. I received the replacement phone which is a good thing. I reinstalled the software and started setting up some of the software I needed too. I also needed to charged it which I did before I went to the grocery store. After the grocery store, I went to Rite-Aid to pick up my prescription. I then went home to a mess in the kitchen which needless to say was something I was disappointed in. I finished a subject of the documents I was working on, and moved on to the next subject.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will try to reach Chris who still hadn’t paid for his phone bill. This is not something I am fond of. I also will do a little more work, and prepare for my appointment I will have on Thursday which is a follow-up from the extraction. I will also want to catch up on the TV show – Falling Skies.