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Week 42 – 2014

Not much happened this week. Andrea, and Chris had some problems which meant he spent a few days with me. Otherwise, not much else happened. I got flea prevention medicine for the dogs which I will use in a couple of weeks. Otherwise, not much else happened. I wasn’t as productive as I would like to have been with my document that I have been working on, but this should hopefully change come next week. As for plans for next week, I will have to do some things that some people I deal with won’t like, but this is their consequences. I will also have a couple of errands to address which I am going to try to do everything at one time.


Today was a busy day. I took the two for a walk. After that, I got ready to go to the pharmacy where I dropped off a prescription, got two rawhides, and something small to drink while I will wait for the return bus. This allowed me to get cash back which I planed to give the money to Malak’s previous owner for taking everyone to the vet’s.

Later in the morning I received a package for replacement chew sticks which is good as I was low on them. I didn’t expect to receive them until at least Monday. I wasn’t complaining though. Nicole came about 2:45 and got us there in time, although we had to wait for a while. She decided to visit the animals that were there (Western Pennsylvanian Humane Society). In the meantime, Malak weighed in at 76lb, while Talisa is 82.

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A bit happened today. Chris spent the night last night, and went home around 10AM. In addition, someone that owed money brought it over which was a help. I will be making use of that indeed. And I spent the last of my rent rebate on things the dogs needed.

This involved me going to the Petco which I got them new tags (to reflect changes), got them better food bowls, flea/tick prevention medicine, two heavy duty Kong toys, and new bones for when they use up the old ones. This of course wiped out my last of my Rent Rebate, but in turn – it got them a few things the dogs needed.

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