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Not much happened today. However, Malak and Talisa got to play with another dog for about an hour which was really good especially for the benefit of Malak. I also received the replacement Nexus 4 which I am hoping this will be the last time I will need to replace it. I will have to assume that this is a streak of bad luck.

In addition to the Nexus replacement, I also got a very low end phone which will handle my unknown callers. The rationale of this is I can turn off the phone and therefore have privacy while still being reachable by those I will want. This phone will be put in primary role if the next time comes where I will have to get my Nexus 4 replaced. No notebook today though, but it is for the best since it will be delivered tomorrow by UPS, and I can hand the defective phone for return.

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First Impressions: Huawei/T-Mobile Prism 2

Earlier today in the same delivery as my replacement Nexus 4 which has given me problems again (T-Mobile – fix that issue please), I have also received the T-Mobile Prism 2 which is manufactured by Huawei. While this does not have standard stock Android which puts me in fear of it never receiving updates, there is a reason why I would choose this.

First, the reason why I bought this phone is unique to me, and will not likely be the same rationale as most other purchasers. However, my nephew whom is on my phone account is using this same phone, and according to Andrea (his mother), he loves the phone. So, I will consider that in my recommendation. However, the reason I bought this is as a second line that I could simply turn on and off when I don’t want to be bother by telemarketers, creditors, and just people who are too stupid to know how to use the telephone. However, with that in mind, one could use this as a primary, but basic smart phone. In this regard, I will have to pay +$10 per month on my phone bill. While I could technically spread the cost over the other people on the Family plan, that would not be ethically sound.

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