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November 2015

October was bad, and November wasn’t much better. The weather was suitable which allowed me to focus on helping Malak through the grieving process. I on the otherhand will have a harder time to deal with it. People are still asking where’s the other dog which can be infuriating to have to repeat myself. The Pain Psychologist I have been seeing has done as much as she can with helping. She also feels considering that she deals with pain, I will also benefit from another specialty.

Verizon decided to charge more than I can afford, so I ended up going to Comcast. Not something I would have wanted to do as I am not in favor with Comcast, and on the first day, they were screwing things up. And while I liked T-Mobile, I moved services over to Project Fi which is Google’s MVNO. They are about half of the cost, but the conflicts with Google Voice has me somewhat concerned over what hoops I will have to jump through.

All in all, things are much the same. I been tolerating life, and while I know that doesn’t sound too optimistic, it is for my state.

August 2015

The psychologist wanted me to pull back on the treatment that was pursued. In addition, the pain in the ankles has been increasing which I will be telling my anesthesiologist about it when I see him. There was also an issue with the upstairs neighbor, and while it was temporary (hopefully), it is situations as this that makes me desire so much of having my own house, that way I wouldn’t have to deal with the consequences of another’s actions.

On a better note, I might be able to have loan forgiveness with my student loan. According to TransUnion, I have $34.000 in debt, and $30,000 of which is the student loan. If this can be effectively addressed, it could make life a little easier. Also, been corresponding with a local person by email. It’s fine in that manner, and have no issues in the person’s preference of communications.

July 2015

This month has been a continuation on seeing a psychologist which through addressing other issues of my life will hopefully reduce the pain. I did wanted to take the dogs for their annual check up, but this didn’t work out the way I wanted it too. Got some work on the ACTA Document done, although, still a bit of effort that needs to be done. Otherwise – this month has been relatively quiet. And it is months like this where it is a struggle to get a paragraph for the whole month on why I no longer do daily or weekly life updates.

June 2015

June has been a busy month. At recommendation of my Anesthesiologist, I started seeing a psychologist as part of pain management. As of June, I started to write a Pain Diary which I have been doing 3 times a day. In addition to help with making the pain better, I should be more social. For those that know me knows I am not the most social person, and always had issues with large crowds. However, the psychologist makes sense with the rationale (at least in my case), and been trying to reduce the discomfort with crowds by exposing myself (her words – not mine). In this regard, this means forcing myself into situations where it is discomforting, but not overwhelming. In addition, I am writing a log of those events – all of which have been provided to the psychologist when I see her. I took the dogs for a longer walk a couple of times this month. Otherwise, not much has happened.

May 2015

Not much happened this month. I had an appointment with my anesthesiologist, and since finding a doctor of his recommendations on my own has been unsuccessful, I had ask for his referral. In turn, he is referring me to the the previous office that I had dealt with that I wasn’t in approval of that anesthesiologist. Thankfully, this will not be the reason I will go. I have an appointment in the first week of June, but personally not sure what talking about my pain will do – but I trust my doctor (or I wouldn’t be with him), so I am going to give this a neutral attempt.

Nothing else happened. I bought Xavier (my youngest nephew) a tablet, which was a 2 for 1 special. I kept the second one which in my opinion has been less than suitable. I will be writing a review on it later in June. Otherwise, not much else happened in May.