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Week 25

This week was much like many other weeks. I had to disconnect with someone on BBM because they of course made an half-ass conversation, and suddenly, they feel I should be obligated to give them money. It is a shame that Ghanian, and Nigerian scam artists are infecting such a good service. I wanted to get more work on my sites done than I did. It was just one of those weeks. On some other news, a rebate application for a set of wired headphones came through to the processing center. It took them a week to do it, but at least it is done. I should hopefully be able to get the rebate in the form of a prepaid debit card in about a week.

On some other news, I went to the Humane Society to get a 3 month supply of heartworm prevention medicine. For the two dogs, it would have cost about $35 (about $6/pill). However when I went in to buy, I was told I could only get one month since the dogs are due for a new test in the next month. That wouldn’t have been as much of an issue if the two pills cost a bit less than $20 (about $10/pill). Needless to say, I am going have a complaint when they go in for their annual check up. It would also seem as if the one credit card that I needed to use to pay for the medicine had a bad magnetic stripe which also meant that I had to request a new card. Since this is the card that my bills, and essentials goes on, it will also mean I will have to jump through hoops to change the numbers.

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Today was a slightly busy day. I managed to get an application called iSyncr, and had wifi support. This app on the phone and PC will synchronize iTunes playlists into a compliant playlists with Android. This is something I definitely couldn’t accomplish on my old phone. The phone seems to last less than a day, and can’t seem to log in with Pandora on my phone, but that is something I will have to work out. I also finished on watching podcasts, and got a PC while I watched a couple of shows on Hulu.

All in all, I am happy with the phone, but disappointed that I do not seem to qualify for the rebate which is $50 off of the $500 price tag on the phone. The reason seems to be that I didn’t pay $250, and get a 2 year contract. I will be calling T-Mobile tomorrow. In addition, I will be addressing a bill, and getting a micro SD card for my brother. I will also have to go grocery shopping which means that my day will be a bit busy tomorrow. All in all, I will be striving to take care as much as I can.