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Not much happened today. I returned the LG F6 which I will be giving a blog posting about it tomorrow. The store charged me a $50 restocking fee even though technical support said I shouldn’t be charged. After that, a $57 refund on my bank card will be returned within a week.

Once I returned home, I called T-Mobile, and disputed the $50 restocking fee. I also cancelled the phone line that was associated with the F6. The line has been cancelled which means I have 4 lines on my account rather than 5 lines. My EIP should also be reduced to about $700.

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Not much happened today. I didn’t receive my thumb drive that I was supposed to have received. I got a refund, but not a full refund. I was a little upset to say the least. I didn’t do much else, however today was a quiet day for the most part.

As for plans for tomorrow, If I should get my thumb drive today, I will have to juggle the UPS delivery with the errands I will have to do tomorrow. Most likely, I will be home as almost all of my money will have to go to bills and the credit card debt from the purchase of the PC.


Today was a quiet, but a good day. Chris stopped by in the evening, and spent a couple of hours here. He had to go home of course which he has work tomorrow. However, on a more interesting note, Malak is doing a bit better with other dogs. There was actually a dog that was walking behind us for a couple of blocks. He just ignored him. He did reacted to a dog that was barking at him from behind the fence, but that just gave me an opportunity to correct the unwanted behavior.

On a not as good note, I come to find out that Capital One took the liberty of refunding a over payment that was more than half of what I overpaid. I should get a check in 10 business days. In other words – 2 weeks. On top of that, I will have to make a special trip to the bank to deposit the check, and wait another two days for it to be available with my bank, and another 3 days for it to return to my Capital One account – or in other words – 3 weeks. Since all of my recurring automatic bills are processed to my credit card, I over pay to take care of an estimate on what I will pay. In other words – I pay for my bills. In the meantime, I will have $93.33 that I will not have access to for three weeks. Considering my benefits is only $730 – this is a significant amount. Meanwhile, I still have $140 worth of bills that will go to my credit card this month. My brother believes they are trying to get more interests out of me since this year so far, they got less than $4, and the last two months, I didn’t have a payment due.

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