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Week 23 – 2014

This week could have been better. Not much happened. I had received a couple of new domains – all of which were in pre-register. This only applies with new domain extensions such as .condos, and .xyz domains. Obviously, since I not have them, they are no longer in pre-registration. I also did a little work on my other websites, but this week hasn’t been as productive as I would have liked. Chris came by on Friday evening, and spent the night.  On Saturday, I returned with Chris to pick up a few groceries he wanted to give me. I didn’t take much, but the food was a big benefit as it would not force me to rush into getting food immediately, or otherwise spend cash.

As for plans for next week, I will be working on my sites a bit more. After I catch myself up,  I will start putting my BETA Site to use. I am also scheduled to receive my food stamps in the coming week, and I have an appointment with my anesthesiologist. My week is expected to be rather quiet though.

If I had $100,000

This blog post was definitely harder than I expected. It would seem as if this amount would have been worth noting, but I had to make some decisions on big ticket items such as a house of my own. Assuming that I would had to furnish it, and it would have likely needed renovation, this made it too much. Which then brought more money for other things. While I will try to keep this post shorter than I could have made it, it will still be a long post.

There will have to be some things to keep in mind. First, this amount is Net (after taxes). Second, this is to assume that it would not affect my sources of income and assistance unless I have too much after 6 months. The reason for this is imagine if someone said, here is $100,000 – but you can not work, and any financial assistance will be in a waiting line that could take 5-10 years. Needless to say, if you were smart, you would probably say no.

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Not much happened today. I finished some pages on my web site, and I checked to see if a domain would be available for acquisition when I qualify for a free domain with my hosting company. I will eventually need to transfer my domains over from Godaddy to another company. I was hoping to have done it already, but this obviously wasn’t possible. To transfer the last of the domains will cost an extra $35 which is not something I have just yet. There is one domain that is expired, and another that will expire in July. Both of these will be abandoned.

There was one show that I was able to watch on Hulu, but that is all. It would seem as the number of available entertainment has diminished at least with regards to me when it comes to the Internet. I am regretfully considering giving Netflix a try, but will have to wait as to keep the billing in line with my income.

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Master or Mistress of Your Domain

A person on Twitter that I followed asked about what is a domain, and what’s the difference with regards to a web site. Well, I can’t answer this in 140 characters as that is the first sentence. So, I would try to explain this, although that person should consider visiting my contact page, and inquire on a more personal means such as email.

First, all domains are web sites, however not all web sites are domains. In addition, all websites belong to a particular domain. A domain is owned by a party, or entity. If it’s not owned, it’s available for market, and therefore could be purchased. However, if a domain is available, there are no web sites attached to that domain. So, why would someone want a domain, and does it really matter?

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