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July 2017

The first week was hectic. First, I managed to consolidate all of my bills into one loan. This will hit me a bit, but will hopefully be able to reduce the stress of the debt I had – some being as high as 27%. Also, in the first week, I received my rent rebate which was transferred to my new checking account. I also had a couple of appointments and had to go to the community center to collect my food from their food bank.

The second week, I got my food stamps which of course – I used to get the majority of my food. I also took Malak in for his annual checkup. Because of everything beforehand, it was a bit hard on me. I made due as normally. I also changed ISPs from Comcast to Verizon FiOS. I am going to keep that as long as possible, however, I need it for at least 4 months, otherwise, the change will be for naught. The reason of the change is Comcast will not allow current customers to get Internet Essentials. Malak also got his annual checkup. He is 80lb of muscle, and relatively healthy for his age. The vet recommended fish oil capsules to help with any joint issues he might have in the future. He is at least 6 years old now, so that is a reasonable concern. As expected, he tested negative for heartworm. Continue reading July 2017


Not much happened today. I was in a bit of pain, so I never went to Downtown to collect the rent rebate form. However, I think I found the forms online through and editable PDF file. I will fill out the information I can, and have the landlord fill out the parts he will need too. I am hoping to get this out before April so it could be handled, and I could get the rent rebate.

I also had to make a phone call, and received a phone call from what I assumed is a telemarketer who happened to call the cellular phone directly. I set them for a block on the firewall. I did walk the dogs even though I was in pain. They needed a walk, and I wanted to make sure they got it.

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Not much happened today. I walked the dogs in the afternoon which was good for them. I am glad it started raining in the late evening. Not much happened considering it was a holiday which meant no mail. I contacted the Rent Rebate Program as I hadn’t received my 2013 application, and want to get to that before the cut off date. Hopefully, I should be able to get that this week.

As for plans for tomorrow, no plans really. I will likely stay home, and will do some work on the web sites I have been working on. In addition, I will walk the dogs in the afternoon unless it is raining.

Just when it’s acceptable only

So, here I am typing on a unbearable 14” CRT monitor, and of course my computer is a piece of junk that needs to be replaced, and it comes also that I need to replace my MP3 player. So, what am I forced to do? Well, first I have to hope that I would get my rent rebate. I am expecting to, and it has been reliable before, but there’s always that chance that it won’t come.

Even with the rent rebate, it is only $400. Needless to say, since I have to replace my PC, and a basic one is about $500 for a notebook, I would have to get a desktop. The cheapest one I seen was an eMachines at Walmart for $270. I am not a fan of eMachines, and can only hope that they have been stepping up to better quality. However, with that said, I would be looking at an AMD dual core 1.8Ghz CPU, 2GB of memory, and a 320GB hard drive. At least I would be able to move my music from an external hard drive to the internal one.

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Less than a Month to Wait

In early July, I am expecting to get a rent rebate. And considering that things didn’t work out the way I wanted too (as if that ever happens?), I won’t be getting a new PC, nor a new MP3 player. Instead, after I address some things that I would have to, I would expect about $120 for me to do as I please.

Looking at my wish list, there are only a few things I could look forward to getting. With some self compromise, I am strongly considering the Seimens Gigaset A580IP which is a POTS/VOIP phone.  I could get the bluetooth watch, but that’s only valuable when I am out. I could get the ATA for the faxing, but I don’t have a fax yet. So, the best option would be the VOIP phone, but the one I wanted is about $75 more than this one. Continue reading Less than a Month to Wait