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Not much happened today. My kitchen sink froze again. In turn, the landlord brought a heater over, but it will be concern for the electric bill. UPS came and delivered a tablet case which so far, I am not fond of, and the phone for Alexis. After the delivery, I went to East Ohio Street where I deposit the money I received yesterday as well as get some soup which I need considering the tooth extraction. Otherwise, not much happened.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will hopefully see Alexis to where I can help her set up the new phone. I am also hoping it will be warm enough to take the two for a walk. Otherwise, not much is planned. I will be resting from the extraction though.


Not much happened today. I was still a bit ill which I spent much of the day resting. I also tried to call Chris with no success. I also sent an SMS to a person. I also walked the dogs, but not as long of a walk as I wanted too. Considering that I have been ill, I didn’t do much.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will like to walk the dogs, and give them some time to enjoy themselves. If I feel worse, I will make have to make an appointment. They day will be as normal considering the end of the month.