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The Optical Drive in a Coma–YAY!

Just recently, Apple has finally done something I agree with in some areas, although there are still issues I don’t agree with. Let’s get to the blog post this is intended for. Apple has refreshed their line of PCs including their AiOs, and the 13” Macbook Pro. These changes I have agreed with is the omission of the optical drive. Now, I am not saying I am completely against the optical drive. The optical drive is good for workstations, media centers, and what I feel should be NADs (Network Attached Drive)s. Especially in notebooks, the Optical drive as well as the mechanical drive are both battery drains for little performance. Optical drives – by their very nature requires a center to turn at very high speeds while a laser scans the data. This is a lot of energy. When you consider a CD is only 600 or 700MB, and a DVD is at most 8.4GB, this is laughable in hard drive standards. And then the mechanical hard drive is not much better with very much the same principals with magnets rather than lasers.

Solid State Storage is like your regular memory. The only difference is SSD keeps the information that is placed in it. SSD does not demand more electricity than memory as there are no moving parts. Because of this data is many times faster then even 10000RPM drives, and if the magnet touches the platter, the drive can be destroyed – that will never happen.

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Not much happened today. I went to get my prescription filled, but for some reason I had a case of the runs. I still seem to have an upset stomach which I will hope will subside tomorrow. Once I got home, I went to Dell’s web site, and was able to get a Windows XP-Pro disc set ordered for the notebook I am working on. In addition, I downloaded a number of files that the owner will probably need. I then called him to give him an update on the condition so he knows what is going on.

I have a dental appointment tomorrow. I will need to go there, and I will also need to do some work on my web site. Once I get home, I should be able to rest, especially if I still have the runs. Otherwise, things will expect to be relatively quiet.


Not much happened today. I walked the dogs once, and went to the store to get something to drink. However, I spent the day working on a Vista PC. This computer is a quality machine, but it reminded me of why I hated Vista so much. The OS restore disc came with SP1, and I made the effort to download SP2, and still spent the day downloading updates.

The PC was finally updated, and software installed – however I had a problem with the email account set up. I did finally got everything up. As for plans for tomorrow, I will finish everything on the Vista machine, and call the person that owns the computer. Hopefully, I will be able to collect the money and relinquish the same tomorrow. If possible, I will also need to get to the grocery store, but will not be going if it is too late.


Not much happened today. The night before, a notebook was brought to me to deal with. It was infected with a severe virus, and it ended up wiping the system. In turn, I had to call the manufacturer to get a restore disc which I will receive on Tuesday, and will pass the charges on the owner.

I also spent some time watching a few videos, but otherwise have been in pain, and an itchy stinging sensation on my arms, and parts of my legs. It might be a side effect of the new medicine, so I may have to make an earlier appointment if that is the case.

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Not much happened today. I made a couple of phone calls, and tried to do some negotiation with a company that as of yet has proven unsuccessful. I of course walked my dogs, created an .iso file for Andie as her PC’s Windows OS is corrupted, and she doesn’t have the OS disc. I will most likely be going on Wednesday to do that as well as watch my nephew. I also found out a friend of mine has a question, but can never remember it.

On some worse news, I had a major problem with my PC to where it forced me to reformat and restore my system. This of course is not a pleasant thing, although at least I have an external hard drive to back up my music files. I will have to do some work on the PC, and try to do some restoring while I am out tomorrow.

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I must Wait to Get Bigger

Recently, I purchased a 320GB hard drive to replace the 160GB hard drive I currently have. So, after fighting with a stripped screw on the mount for the 160GB hard drive, I placed the 320GB in the system. I tried to use a trial version of a cloning software, and found out I have to pay for the trial to allow it to do its job. So, I reinstalled Vista on the 320 to hopefully get it up and running, and would go on the Internet to get the needed drivers. However, most of the hardware including the network connections for the Aspire 5100 series requires drivers to work.

So, I turned off the PC, removed the 320GB hard drive, and installed the 160 again. I went on a mission to try to get my 160GB cloned to my 320GB. I tried Clonezilla with no success. I tried another that would not recognized the 320 that was sitting in a USB enclosure, and finally Norton Ghost Trial which would not do the reason why you would waste $70 on Norton Ghost.

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