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A bit happened today. I got a deposit from Andrea whom paid most of the money she owed, but said she will pay the rest on Friday. However, this deposit allowed me to go to the main street, make a purchase, and pull out $20 from my Wallet which all of the money received transferred to Google Wallet.

Otherwise, not much else happened. The return on the Lenovo Tablet was received in Lexington Kentucky which was the destination city. This will mean it will be returned to Amazon tomorrow. Amazon already processed my credit on my Amazon credit, while the amount charged to my credit card should be refunded by Friday.

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Not much happened today. UPS came by to pick up the tablet that I intended on returning. That is good they came a day earlier than expected. In addition, Square Trade will be refunding the warranty on that. I also walked the dogs, and fed them.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will likely again – be home. My landlord informed me that he has a 2BR apartment (above me) available which while I don’t know anyone that will be interested, I told him I will keep my ear open.


Not much happened today. I returned the LG F6 which I will be giving a blog posting about it tomorrow. The store charged me a $50 restocking fee even though technical support said I shouldn’t be charged. After that, a $57 refund on my bank card will be returned within a week.

Once I returned home, I called T-Mobile, and disputed the $50 restocking fee. I also cancelled the phone line that was associated with the F6. The line has been cancelled which means I have 4 lines on my account rather than 5 lines. My EIP should also be reduced to about $700.

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November 23

Today was still a day fighting with the flu. I am feeling a bit better, but could be better still. I spent much of the day resting, and casually using the PC. I also received a package from Finger hut of an order that was place, but the product was not worth the price at this time. I will be sending it back the next day.

Andie also sent me an SMS with her landlord’s telephone number. I will be calling her on Monday. As for the only landlord that returned my call from the phone book, he never called back, so I could only presume there is nothing available. In other words, all of the entries in the phone book was a complete waste of time.

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