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Week 32

This week was much any other week, although it ended terribly. As for the majority of the week, it has been much like most weeks. I paid bills, and got the things I needed. As for the end though, my tablet’s screen broke. This was due to a drop after my ankles gave way. I invoked my insurance with Assurance Solutions, and it was a complete rip-off. They were insisted on sending me the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 with the claim that it was a comparable model. It was far from a comparable model, and the Tab is inferior in every way. I managed to work out a somewhat reasonable solution with T-Mobile in replacing my tablet, but this is likely a one time thing which means I can’t trust the insurance provider to do the right thing in the future.

This is in addition that I still have yet to get tests for Talisa. This is still $100, and the tablet breaking is a major set back. While I “could” wait, there is also the issue of paying for the tablet I can’t use, and paying for service tied to the tablet. There is also the rumors I read on the Internet where Assurance will not support a device that has been broken for more than 30 days. I am hoping to have another option on standby, but as always, I expect worst case scenario.

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Pay Pal’s Policy – Sucks to Be You!

OK, the words Sucks to Be You is probably not in their policy, but in reality it should be. Recent actions with Pay Pal has caused me to cancel a subscription of a service I found to be valuable, faced a loss of money I probably shouldn’t have to, and will force my hand in writing this blog posting. So, what is going on, and why do I feel Pay Pal’s Policy should state this? Well, let’s get to the whole story, shall we?

At one time, I had a Pay Pal Donate button on all of my web sites. People have used this once in a while, and I am sure because they found the material I write useful (such as this post). Did I expect anything, no. Were the donations to the degree where it made my life better – not really. And most of the time, it would not even cover the monthly hosting fee. However, I do not have a blog to profit off of. If so, I should have closed business a while ago. Nonetheless, I had a couple of donations (literally). Continue reading Pay Pal’s Policy – Sucks to Be You!