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Not much happened today. I had to return a defective product that didn’t work properly from the beginning. This meant I had to go to Downtown to print the RMA, and UPS label only to seal everything up, and mail it at a UPS drop box. The dogs couldn’t get their walk because it was too cold, however they still get to at least play a little while indoors. As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to make a couple of phone calls, but otherwise – not much else is planned.


Not much happened today. UPS came by to pick up the tablet that I intended on returning. That is good they came a day earlier than expected. In addition, Square Trade will be refunding the warranty on that. I also walked the dogs, and fed them.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will likely again – be home. My landlord informed me that he has a 2BR apartment (above me) available which while I don’t know anyone that will be interested, I told him I will keep my ear open.

October 8

Today was a bit of a quiet but slightly hectic day. I did receive a Netflix disc (Girl Interrupted) which was OK. I also watched a movie on Hulu, and a clip from AOTS. In addition, I received a bill that I had a money order already prepared for it that went out today. In addition, I sent back a device that will not serve my needs, and after some arm twisting,I finally got an RMA, and sent that device back via delivery confirmation, and Priority Mail.

Not much else going on, and no plans for tomorrow (being Saturday). I will be expected to stay home much of the weekend, and Monday will be when I will have to go out again. So, for now, I will close on this blog with the lack of anything exciting.