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Today was an active day, however I would have wanted it to be more productive. Chris spent the night, and had to leave in the late morning to watch his children, which is fine. I had some money that needed to be deposited into the bank which I did that. However, there was a line, and one person seemed to have taken a bit of a longer time to do his business. By the time I got to the teller, and made my deposit, I had to decide to catch the bus, or drop of the prescription for it to be filled on Saturday, and wait an hour. I decided to catch the bus. After that, I walked the dogs, and fed them. I also wrote a blog posting about the Nexus 7 review.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will plan to do laundry, but otherwise nothing else planned. I will also do some personal document work, but otherwise – tomorrow will be rather quiet. I will also be planning on reducing the number of blog posts I will be doing. This will mean at the end of the week, there will be no more daily updates, but instead either weekly updates, or major events.


A bit happened today. First, UPS delivered the blanket I ordered which made life a little more comfortable. In addition, I went to Andrea’s to deliver my niece her new phone. She was extremely happy with it. However, since she is not under my account, she has to work with who owns her account will have to authorize a SIM card change. This is because her old phone uses a Mini-SIM, and the new phone uses a Micro-SIM.

Chris went to my place, and on the way to my place, we seen the Route 4: Troy Hill leaving while the 88: Penn was turning on Liberty Avenue. Since we had another 30 minutes to wait for the next bus (during the rush hour), I took the time to add funds to my Connect Card, then we got a Subway at the Subway Restaurant. We left with about 5 minutes to wait for the next bus. My brother left late at night to walk down the hill to catch the 54.

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A bit has happened today. I had to go and take care of a few errands. Of course the dogs got their walk and some exercise before hand and they got their evening workout too. However, a few hours in the day, I was gone.

I had to first go to the bank, and make a deposit in the bank. Once I did  that, I needed to go to Petco to get a new feces scooper. I decided to instead spend the money on a shovel type rather than the mechanical one with a gripper that ended up breaking in a few months. While I was at the Waterworks Mall, I spent about $5 to get a backpack since mine was starting to fray at the shoulder straps. It’s not much of a backpack. It has a notebook pocket, a main pocket, and a smaller pocket for things such as cash, and cards. Needless to say, this will take a lot of getting used to, but I am hoping it will only be until I can replace it with a better backpack.

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A bit has happened today. After the dogs got their exercise, walk, and feeding – I had to get ready to go to East Liberty. The reason of this was to return the DVR after my cancellation of television services yesterday. I left at 10:50AM, and got home at almost 1:40PM. This process involved me going to Downtown, then walking over to check my mail at the post office since I was in Downtown any how. After that, I walked to catch the P1 (formally known as EBA) to go to the East Liberty Station. I then had to walk to Bakery Square where Verizon’s sales office was. I returned the DVR, received a receipt, and walked back to the Busway to return to Downtown. I then got on the Route 4 bus, and returned to Troy Hill. I picked up a prescription, and painfully returned home.

I put Talisa and Malak on the treadmill for a little while in the evening only to feed them afterwards. Chris came in the later evening after his work shift, and stayed for a couple of hours, but as much pain as I was – I am sure I wasn’t great company. However, at least the DVR is returned, and I will have a smaller bill for June.

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A bit happened today. I had a doctor’s appointment at 1:15 which meant I had to leave my apartment at 12:00. I also had other things to do, one getting food for the dogs. They ate their last meal this morning which meant – no matter what, they needed more food. I hadn’t been to the post office in almost a month neither.

So, I left my home at noon – shortly after exercising the dogs, walking them, and feeding them. I took the bus, and got into Downtown about 12:20. I went to the post office to pick up my mail. Most of it was junk mail, and the remainder was bills (one of which was paid already). I then walked to the P1 stop on Grant Street to get to my appointment on time.

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PAT is going to isolate me in September

Self-centered, yes – but it affects many others. Paranoid, maybe but it’s true. According to a Port Authority Document, PAT is planning to reduce or eliminate all of their routes and raise fares. In my case, they are intending on eliminating the Route 4. While this might be acceptable (even though undesired) if there was reasonable access to other routes, but this is not the case. Troy Hill is an isolated community with only two ways in or out. Only one bus runs through this neighborhood, and to go to where there are bus routes will require a 1 mile or greater walk and no matter where the person walks, there is a massive and steep hill that must be be traversed.

Currently, the route 4 runs hourly with weekday peak times every 30 minutes. However, this is the only bus route that serves its predominant market. And with the only way to traverse to or from comparable routes can take 20 minutes from Lowrie if going down, or almost 45 minutes when returning – and this is the nearest bus routes. This however is on a good day. Inclement weather, disabled or elderly – this will make the traveling to the nearest bus route either very hard or impossible. This will further isolate the community. And many in this community may not be able to afford a car.

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