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Not much happened, although I did get the replacement router. It’s an Actiontec, so it is obviously one that will fail again. It also refuse to allow me to use the passphrase (what people enter to use the wifi network) which meant I had to make changes on every single device I owned. Already – I hate this router.

I also walked the dogs in the morning, and afternoon which I am sure they appreciated. I however felt pain afterwards, so I am glad I was able to stay home the rest of the day. The dogs also had a brushing today which they really enjoy their weekly brushing.

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Today was a problematic day. First, late last night, my router failed, and after trying to get a hold of Verizon, they finally reached me and will be sending a new one. However, it took about 14 – 15 hours for this to be resolved to such a manner. In the mean time, I have use my T-Mobile phone (which does not make a good 3G router), and my Freedom POP router which hasn’t been working as good as I will like it to so I can complete the basics.

On some better news, the head collar for Malak came through. As with Talisa, he doesn’t like it, but he has been much easier to control with the presence with other dogs. I am hoping that the dramatic improvement will mean he will ignore dogs he doesn’t like rather than trying to go after them.

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Not much happened today. I was expecting Andrea to deposit money into the bank, but I had ended up having to go there to pick it up. She didn’t give it all, so I guess this will have to be done again, which I personally find to be rather offensive.

I did have to walk much of the evening yesterday since in order to get the money and get on the last bus back home, I had to leave before 5PM which also meant I couldn’t take a bus because of my pass. If I waited for the first bus I would been able to take, I would’ve had to wait until 6:30PM.  In addition, I am guessing I lost my 3G router. I am hoping I just left it home, but I did look in a couple of places with no success.

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First Impressions – Freedom Pop

Today, I had received the Freedom Pop Photon 4G router. While I did not get a chance to actually put it in real world testing, I did get a chance to make sure it works. There are a couple of things to note. First, I am on the free 500MB plan. I do not have any acceleration or guaranteed speeds. Second is the actual router or device. Both of these are influencing factors. My planned usage of this service is to provide my notebook with Internet capabilities when I am not home. While I am out, I will obviously make sure I am not doing any streaming since after 500MB, I will be charged 2¢ per MB.

Now, let’s look at the service itself. It is using Clear’s Wimax service which I have never been impressed with the service. At least with this router, or company, things are a little better, but still nothing breath taking. A speedtest.net after 5 minutes with an Amber (OK signal), I got 76ms ping, 4.06MB download, and 590kbps upload. This again is not impressive especially since HSPA+ had seen 75ms and 10/3MBPS. If one was to use VOIP, and this is a regular connection, it is suitable, although the ping is higher than I will like, it is still below 100ms.

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Not much happened today. I let the dogs have free roam while I did laundry, and they misbehaved. Needless to say, I can’t trust them to have free roam just yet. In the evening the person that had the PC problems a week ago asked me to come to install a replacement router. In turn, he bought dinner, and paid for the hour of work I did. My only gripe was it was late in the evening. I however was also able to get dog food which I would have needed to do anyhow.

As for plans for tomorrow, I have a dental appointment. It is at 1PM, but I will have to leave at noon, and it will only take five minutes by bus. I will take my notebook to have something to do while I am waiting. I will also see if the local stores has any shopping carts as it will be in my interest to get one. Hopefully, the dental appointment won’t take too long.


Not much happened today. I made a partial payment for a bill. I also made a call to someone to remind him of something. I had to reset my router again as well contact Verizon to get a replacement modem+router. I had a lot of birthday notices which was nice of the people that offered it. I tried to call Chris which wasn’t successful, so I will try again tomorrow.

I also came across some terrible news. Port Authority of Allegheny County is planning on eliminating or reducing routes throughout as well as increase rates. This is almost expected, however the problem is that they are planning on completely eliminating the Route 4 which is the only bus that runs through Troy Hill. If this takes effect, I will have to walk about a mile before I can take a bus to Downtown. Going somewhere will mean I will have to walk downhill, while returning home will mean I will have to walk uphill.

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Amazon $2500 winnings

I have been entered into a $2,500 winning from Amazon by Amazon. What does this mean? Well, first – I never win anything, so this blog posting is probably pointless. However if I did win, I am sure it would have been in the form of an Amazon Gift card. Of course, this will mean that I will purchase some things I will need or find of benefit from my Wish List. So, based on 2011-11-26, and the items in there – here is what I will likely get. Now, keep in mind that first I will not purchase dog food. While this is a top priority, I will figure the dog food could be purchased about the same price locally.

Otherwise, I will go after what would be my top priority first. This ranges in price, but I am sure even with that in mind, I will not completely expend the $2,500. After that, I will decide what would be top priority and go from there. I will keep purchasing until I don’t have enough to purchase anything left in my lists. And while this won’t completely wipe out my list, it will definitely make a dent into it.

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December 29

Today could have been a better day, although it was better in the evening. I started the day waking up, and taking a hot bath. Of course, I checked for podcasts with nothing downloading. I although needed to get myself ready to do a couple of things I was hoping to reach a couple of companies with no success again. Since I will have to be home tomorrow during normal business hours, I can’t just go to one of the places I will need to reach.

However, about 8:15 in the morning, I walked up to go to Andie’s who had some problems with my niece’s PC and getting on the Internet. I learned it was not the router, and it seems to be the card. I suggested that she should get a USB adapter.

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October 1

Today was a bit of a busy day as expected. I didn’t get everything accomplished, but got as much as can be done today. One of the things I wanted to do was get to the post office box that will be my primary address after I move as I was expecting something there. And I did get it, so now I have all of my LAN ports filled.

I also got a couple of things at the grocery store. Nothing much, as I just needed sugar, and bought peanut butter. I will expect to do real grocery shopping between the 12th and 14th. Once I got back into Oakland, I went home and grabbed the Netflix DVD – Panic Room. I seen the movie before, but got to see it again, and of course since it was possible, I returned it today as well.

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