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Almost 2 years. Time for an Upgrade?

It has been almost two years, and in about 4 months – it would have been 20 months since I had the first revision of the My Touch as my cellular phone. When I bought it, I wanted it for GPS, and 3G capabilities. At the time, it was the only smart phone that was such an option for me. Now a days, in comparison – it will seem as if my phone is more like a toy rather than a phone. And there are times I am frustrated with the CPU lag it gives to me. Of course with a 528Mhz CPU on an OS that should be using twice the CPU, I guess I can’t blame it. So, I already know I wish to upgrade, but exactly what, and would I settle for less? Well, first I don’t see a reason to settle for less, and if there is no phone I am comfortable with on my carrier, I simply would either consider another carrier, or not get a new phone.

I will go into each and every detail that I will consider as important to me, and would offer my thoughts to such. With that in mind, I would focus on what I would want, and expect for my needs. While I am sure that there are other features some may find as important, that would be on their interests, and not so much of mine. However, I would of course need a smart phone that would support Google Voice, and offer the ability to tether without paying extra.

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June 24

Today has ended up being a very horrible day. I am not sure if the problem has been the monitor, or the computer’s VGA port. I am now starting to think it is a VGA port problem. The VGA port is the place where one would insert a monitor into the PC.

I had managed to get this PC running somewhat with some problems, and it has just been getting worse. Since my taskbar (like most people’s) was at the bottom of the screen, it would have been nearly impossible to get to the tasks at hand. I was able to get the monitor to work just long enough to move it while the monitor was flickering uncontrollably.

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