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Today was somewhat of an active day, but not much happened. I did get a 32GB micro-SD card for the tablet which now functions as a music player without having to rely on an Internet connection. However, to load the 3,000 or so songs took about 4 hours over wifi which was disappointing. Otherwise, not much else happened. I watched a couple of shows on Hulu, and cancelled my Netflix subscription. I did the cancellation for a couple of reasons. First, there wasn’t much on to watch that I hadn’t seen before, or interested in watching over again. Second, I am trying to cut back on my bills, and cost of living.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will consider running a couple of errands, and will have to make a phone call or two. Otherwise, not much else is planned. Likewise, the weekend will also be rather quiet.


Not much happened today. It rained most of the day – however, I was fortunate to be able get the dogs for their walk before it actually started. I spent some time watching a couple of shows on Hulu that were ready for viewing. I also did some major work on a web site I am working on (yes, me and my radical thinking). I am still having problems with my SD card, and find it disappointing, however I am just starting to accept that I don’t have an SD card. I doubt it is a physical problem as if I would reformat my system, it will work properly.

Chris stopped by yesterday evening. He will not be able to get me to the grocery store. I expected as much, so I will have to hope for a Jitney. I also was having some problems with my iPod Touch being recognized. I am starting to think it is a variety of port issues on my PC which is making me loose confidence in HP.

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