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Not much happened today. I chatted a little while, and spent a little time in Second Life. In this tine, my PC was acting a bit better, but still need to try to save up for something better.

I also reached my brother, and needless to say, wasn’t happy with his negligence. Another set of arrangements have been made with him, although if he breaks them, I will just have to shut his mind off. Continue reading 2013-11-12


Not much happened today. I walked the dogs, and tried to deal with a copier for the last time this month. I also sold my land in Second Life to allow me to reduce my bill. I will look to acquire more land, but not until I can get a better PC.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to go to Downtown, and the grocery store. I will also walk the dogs, and work on my web site when I can get some time. Otherwise, not much else planned.


Not much happened today. I did some work on a web site. I also made a phone call where it was for someone that claimed to work for an attorney’s office and expected me to provide private information which I don’t provide private information.

I also received a replacement head collar for Malak. I adjusted the collar to his head for their evening walk, and was happy I received it quickly – although I paid an extra $5 for the shipping.

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Not much happened today. I tried to do some work that needed to be done a few days ago, but the multi-function center refuses to work (again). I gave up, and took the work down to FedEx Office. I will receive the money back, but it is still a pain in the behind. I will call Brother again about this failed machine when I have the patience and resources. I will likely have to allow them to hold a deposit while a replacement machine is in cross shipping.

Not much else is going on. Things are much the same, and the days are relatively quiet. I had a lot of Lindens which were converted to US dollars to pay for about half of my bill. This of course depleted much of my Lindens, but I haven’t been spending them much anyhow.

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Not much happened today. I made a phone call to someone, and sent an SMS to my landlord. I sent the SMS as to not disturb him at work. He received the documentation that I asked him to sign, and would send them out tonight. That is good as they should be received by the appropriate agency as soon as possible.

I also had an incoming call on the old G2x which is used as a incompetent SIP client. While the call worked with a SIP client rather than a Google Voice client, the call was showing up as Anonymous. I come to find out that it was an international call and while Google Voice recognized the number, when it passed to Call Centric, it would seem as if Call Centric or the backbone that Call Centric uses stripped the CID information. While I don’t receive many international calls, this only extends the reasoning of why I will want to replace the G2x. With a new backup phone, I can install a Google Talk client on there, and not have to use Call Centric if they do not support it.

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Not much happened today. I went to the pharmacy in the afternoon. I also picked up a couple of gallons of iced tea, and made a deposit into the bank which will eventually go to the credit card. I also did some adjustments in Second Life which I will eventually be cutting the amount of land to ½ or ¼ which means I will not be continuing a realty service in Second Life.

Nothing planned for tomorrow. I will have to make a phone call in the morning, but otherwise – nothing much else planned.


Not much has happened today. I went to the grocery store which was typical. I decided to let the two have free roam of the house. They decided to reward me by destroying one of the couch cushions. They knew they did wrong as they were down low when I entered the apartment. I put them both in their kennel, and cleaned up.

Otherwise, just did a few pages on a web site, and put a few parcels that I have up for sale on Second Life. I will not be able to do the realty business. Simply put, I am not going to have the real world capital. I will split the large parcel I have, and put that for sale. If I don’t sell it by the deadline, I will have to abandon it, and cut my losses.

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Not much happened today. I went to the grocery store to get dog food a few groceries to hold over until Tuesday when I can go real grocery shopping. In addition to buying dog food, bread, and hot pockets, I also bought rawhide sticks for the dogs (to help keep the teeth clean), and each a chew toy. I have to be selective of chew toys as Malak can go through most within seconds.

I also watched a couple of shows on Hulu, and did some rezzing on my property for houses that I will rent out. Otherwise, not much happened. Today has been rather uneventful. As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to do some photocopies, and fill out an application with Section-8 for recertification.


Not much happened today. I gave the dogs a bath. They really needed it. I also did a little work in Second Life, and spent some time watching some videos. However, for the most part, not much happened today.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will wait for Chris who said he was coming to give some money he was supposed to. In addition, I will probably go to get dog food.


Not much happened today. Chris went home in the late morning. I also walked the dogs twice, and did some things within Second Life. One of the developers I dealt with in the past has been really kind in building a skybox that will eventually be provided as a free option for new members. I don’t expect anything quickly, and it is really nice of her.

As for plans for tomorrow, not much planned. Chris said he was going to stop down in the late afternoon. I will need to get dog food, but I still have a couple of days worth. If Chris can give some of the money he owes, I can use that to buy the dog food instead. No matter what, I will have to get it by Friday.