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Today was a roller coaster of a day. I made a couple of calls to try to get the money I will need for the security deposit. Thankfully, I finally got it, but will have to pay interest on it and a bit pricey one, but better than not having a place to live. I got the money in the evening, and that would mean that I will have to go to the post office tomorrow morning to get a money for the security deposit. I currently have 2 money orders, but will see if I can merge them into one.

On other news, I have also received the Wimax modem. I have the modem set up against the window so it could get the best connection, and I seem to be getting between 50% Р75% signal strength (based on 1 dot = 25%). The modem is nice looking, and seems to have an RJ-11 port for VOIP/SIP which surprises me that I am having crappy latency. Hopefully, I will solve that issue. Continue reading 2011-01-17


Today has been a bit disappointing. I made a couple of calls. One person may be able to help when their tax refund check comes in – which will be the latest on the 28th (remember, I need the money by the 21st). Another person that told me to keep him apprised on the situation, and he might be able to help seems to only have voice mail for me. I also called a few other people to try to collect on favors. Most of them gives they will like to help me, but things are tight now. Yes, you know because they have to support their 2 cars, house they own, and they have such a meager $1,500 or $2,000 per month income. So, in the end, I know where I stand with everyone, and no matter how things turn out, some people will get a rude awakening with me.

In any case, with $3 or $4 left in the bank, I now have 2 money orders with a total of $300. I just have about $250 to go. On another news, I got the tracking number for a Wimax modem that will replace the DSL line, and provide internet service if I move into the new apartment. Considering an alternative is probably as expensive, or more as well as require a week notice with installation, this will be the best alternative. The Wimax modem should arrive by FedEx on Monday before 3PM (Yes UPS – there is a reasonable time frame). Continue reading 2011-01-15

Look Ma, No Deposit

OK, now I am sure this may seem like a personal post, and should be in my daily life blog, however I see this as not just my problem, but a social problem that is probably afflicting many people.

First to make some things stand out, the poverty line is $10,830 per year, or about $902.50 per month. This means anyone with an income above 902.50 is living above poverty, while those with an income of less than $902.50 is living in poverty. So, now that we got that settled, let’s address something else. Continue reading Look Ma, No Deposit