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Pursuit for Cheap Phone Service

Today (2015-10-07) due to a number of factors that have affected me negatively, it will seem as if it might be in my best interest to consider reducing more of my bills. The most significant bill (other than rent and Internet) will be cellular phone. As for Internet, I will be contacting my ISP to ask about a lower plan. As for cellular phone, I have 3 options. First, I can continue with my current carrier which is the cheapest of the big 4. In this case, after EIPs are paid off, I will have a $72 phone bill. Second option is to choose a cheaper provider. Most such companies are pre-paid. I could also go with a per minute provider and micro-manage my cost. The third option is to get as close to free as possible. This will be to use T-Mobile’s 200MB free data plan, and use a cellular Life Line service. There will still be some costs involved though. The first option is the easiest, and the one I would prefer. The second will be the cheapest upfront as it will just be a matter of changing the SIM card. The third will have the biggest investment, but will offer the biggest reduction of costs.

For now, T-Mobile (my current provider) will continue to have my business. At the very least, I still have to make EIP (Easy Installment Payments) on devices I already own. However, in order for me to know if a choice will work, I have to make sure there are no problems. And while everything might look good on paper, there is still practice. This post might help someone in a similar position as I.

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Google Voice Unified

A couple of years ago, I wrote a post about how to use a consolidated phone number for both the home and cellular phone. And while some degree of my method has changed in the couple of years, this method has been the same, and remained my way of having a home phone, and a cellular phone – while only needing to have one telephone number. However, in May of 2014 – Google will be terminating XMPP support with Google Voice. This will mean that most of the SIP providers, and IAX systems that plugs into Google Talk will no longer work. Now, companies such as Ooma, will still work – but this is because they just allow you to disclose your Google Voice number – but will use their network to make the call. You also have to pay $10/month + the ATA for this. Their ATA is about $150 – $200 which can be a little pricey when it means you will be able to plug a standard POTS phone into the device. You can also buy their cordless phones for better function – but these are $50 per phone, and the Ooma ATA only supports 4 phones. All together, you will be spending $500 + $120 per year for your home phone which may or may not do everything you would need to do.

I would still want a more unified solution, and while my proposed method will still be somewhat costly, it will be cheaper than the Ooma Solution. Keep in mind, there are a number of SIP providers that will allow you to spoof your CID to show your Google Voice number rather than a number they give you. As with the post this is replacing – I will use a similar format. I will go into detail on what you would need, then go into the hardware, and finally the services. I will identify how emergency calls are handled, and I will go into detail of what happens. I will go into additional options, and will explain what I “will” do. I will also go into the cost of services, and allow you to determine if the value is worth the investment.

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What’s On My Devices

There has been a little casual interests on what is on my phone or tablet. To make life simpler, I will be combining all three on one page. In addition, I will be noting what will be on a future replacement home phone – although, since I don’t have that device – it isn’t guaranteed. The devices I will make note of will include a Highsense Sero 7, a Google Nexus 4-16GB, and a Nexus Full HD (2013 edition) 7-32GB with LTE. In case anyone would want to know, I have written reviews of all three.

All three devices have a few things in common. First, they are all registered under my main UID with Google. Second, they are all running Android 4.1 or higher. While I would have preferred iOS for my home media player, the cost of an iOS device was simply prohibitive. All three devices are also used daily – although intended to serve particular roles. I won’t go into specs, nor my opinions of these devices as again – this was done in reviews of all three.

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What’s On My Phone – 2014

The year 2014 is just around the corner, and in case anyone is curious, I will go with what is on my phone, and why. First, I don’t do a lot of video viewing, or game playing on my phone. For one, this is a battery drain. In addition – it also demands a lot in resources that I don’t want to expand on my phone. For such things, I will prefer to use a tablet which I do not have.

In case anyone wants to know, I have a Nexus 4 – 16GB with a protective case (especially for the glass back). I am using T-Mobile USA as my service provider, and connect to a home Wifi Network with a 25MBPS connection. I will not be noting applications that are included in the OS individually, but instead will provide them in just one section.

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Phone Service by Freedom Pop

Yesterday (2013-10-01), Freedom Pop made it known that they will now offer extremely low cost phone service. There are some catches, and some information I didn’t find out as of yet, but here is the idea.

You will first purchase the Wimax enabled phone for $100 (no contract) which the phone itself is about 3 years old, so you won’t get much out of it. You can get 200 minutes/500 SMS for free, 500 minutes/unlimited SMS for $8, or unlimited voice/SMS for $11. For those looking at price only, this beats out Republic Wireless – which they will both use the Sprint Network. As for data, all plans offer 500MB per month.

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Today was a problematic day. First, late last night, my router failed, and after trying to get a hold of Verizon, they finally reached me and will be sending a new one. However, it took about 14 – 15 hours for this to be resolved to such a manner. In the mean time, I have use my T-Mobile phone (which does not make a good 3G router), and my Freedom POP router which hasn’t been working as good as I will like it to so I can complete the basics.

On some better news, the head collar for Malak came through. As with Talisa, he doesn’t like it, but he has been much easier to control with the presence with other dogs. I am hoping that the dramatic improvement will mean he will ignore dogs he doesn’t like rather than trying to go after them.

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Today was a pretty quiet day. I made a couple of calls, and Andie asked a favor of me. Otherwise, I spent a bit of time working on my web site, with some chatting. I also wished Nicole (the woman that gave Malak) well on a job interview she has. I also watched a couple of shows on Hulu, although not enough since I actually went to the end of my play list.

I also decided to upgrade my service which will be an extra $15 per month. In return, I get about another 60 channels, and even some movie channels like Epix, and Showtime. In addition, I went from 25MBPS to 35MBPS. As for the work on the site, I am hoping to be almost finished.

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Today was a bit of a quiet day. I called Verizon to remove phone service, but learned it would cost more money to have just two services than to have three. So, the only benefit I will see in removing services if I decide that television, and telephone is not worth the price, and go to Internet only. Otherwise, not much else went on. I did wanted to call another company, but simply forgot – so I will have to do that tomorrow if possible. I did spend some time working on a blog posting, but that was all.

As for plans for tomorrow, not much planned. A call, and a little personal work. I will also be feeding the dogs an egg with their morning meal, and will be doing some grooming for them.


Not much went on today. I created a FAQ for Talisa. I also wrote an email, and chatted with a friend for a few moments. I got a wrong number on a telephone call, and watched a DVD. In addition, I also decided to upgrade my Internet Service to include telephone, and Television. Right now, I don’t have a TV, but I will be using my PC as a TV with the use of the HDMI port I have. This is expected to be temporary as I am hoping to buy a new Television in July if I get my rent rebate. As for the telephone, it is actually cheaper to have the telephone line than not to have it. My phone supports both SIP, and POTS – so it would be just one phone needed for everything. This will also mean that 911 will be supported, although my cellular phone handles that as well. Almost all of my calls will still go out through the SIP line using my Google Voice account, but I will set up rules to force certain calls via POTS (such as calling my Google Voice number, or N11).

Not much else went on. As for plans for tomorrow, I will be hoping to go to the grocery store. It would depend on how I feel. Otherwise, no other plans for the most part. As for the actual internet service, for the most part – I am satisfied with it.


Today was not much  going on. I went to the local store to get something, but otherwise – I didn’t do anything. However, late yesterday – I had taken the plunge in getting a new ISP. With more than a week of being “managed”, I am sick of it, and will be using Verizon FiOS.  I will expect to have service installed on Tuesday, and would have service with them running anywhere between 12PM and 6{M. This is because it would take 4 – 6 hours to install the service. And of course, finding that I will never get good service from Clear again, I have been relying on my Android smart phone for my important services.

As for plans tomorrow, I will most likely be home, but I will seek to cancel my Clear service. Let’s face it, if they aren’t going to give me service, why keep them. I will just have to use my cellular data which is what I have been relying on anyhow. At least when the installation comes in, I should be able to use the wifi connection to handle all of the needs while I am home.