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July 2017

The first week was hectic. First, I managed to consolidate all of my bills into one loan. This will hit me a bit, but will hopefully be able to reduce the stress of the debt I had – some being as high as 27%. Also, in the first week, I received my rent rebate which was transferred to my new checking account. I also had a couple of appointments and had to go to the community center to collect my food from their food bank.

The second week, I got my food stamps which of course – I used to get the majority of my food. I also took Malak in for his annual checkup. Because of everything beforehand, it was a bit hard on me. I made due as normally. I also changed ISPs from Comcast to Verizon FiOS. I am going to keep that as long as possible, however, I need it for at least 4 months, otherwise, the change will be for naught. The reason of the change is Comcast will not allow current customers to get Internet Essentials. Malak also got his annual checkup. He is 80lb of muscle, and relatively healthy for his age. The vet recommended fish oil capsules to help with any joint issues he might have in the future. He is at least 6 years old now, so that is a reasonable concern. As expected, he tested negative for heartworm. Continue reading July 2017


Today was a busy day. I had to go to Bellevue to get the soles of my shoes replaced. This took about an hour of waiting, however there was also the time of riding the bus. Thankfully the bus on the way home connected with the Route 4 within moments which was good. In turn, I left a little before 9AM to catch the 9AM bus, and got home about 12:30PM. After I got home, I walked the dogs, and fed them.

As for plans for tomorrow, no plans really – being a Saturday. The next time I will have to go out or address something will be on Monday when I have a doctor’s appointment, and must also address some copies that will need to be handled. This however will be for another day.


A bit happened today. I left about 9AM to go to Downtown to make a deposit. In addition, I took $20 from the check which was used to repay a cash bill. After that, I went to the shoe repair shop to get cleats added to my shoes. I took the subway LRT to the Northside, and walked to the grocery store to purchase bread, and a couple of other groceries. After that, I took the bus home which I let the dogs out, and fed them. They had their walk early in the morning.

As for plans for tomorrow, no plans. I will be home and have no intention on going anywhere other than walking the dogs. Things for the most part will be quiet.


Not much happened today. I was in a lot of pain, and the fact I couldn’t sleep last night didn’t help any. However, I did have to go to Downtown to get cleats placed on my shoes. Due to the pain, and drowsiness (from not sleeping), I wanted to get what needed to be done, and return home. Once I got home, I tried to wake myself up a little, and eventually walked the dogs. Malak seen a few dogs during out walk, and he didn’t seem to like them too much which got him to lunging. Most of the time, he is rather well behaved on the walk. I will have a head collar that I got for Talisa already ordered and should receive it in a couple of days.

I watched a couple of shows on Hulu, and a few podcasts, but otherwise didn’t do much this day. I am hoping to be a bit more productive tomorrow though. And as for plans for tomorrow, I am considering if feeling better to go and finish the remainder of my laundry which will include some straggler clothes, bathroom towels, and the clothes I wore when I went to the Laundromat. If not, I will have to do this another day. It is not imperative as the most important things were done in the first load.


A bit has happened today. First, the last of my loan payment was paid today. This means, next month, I will be able to devote that money to another issue that should be addressed. However, on a more personal level, I had a number of things that needed to be done. First, I needed to get cleats on my shoes. After that, I needed to go to Katsur Dental to get panoramic X-Rays since my insurance will only cover for one every 5 years. After the pickup of the X-Ray copy, I then went to Petco which I had to get a couple of things for the dogs. After that, I took a bus to the Northside, and dropped off the copy, and waited for a bus home.

Once I got home, I took the dogs for a walk, although I was in too much pain to take them for an evening walk. I spent a little bit of time working on a web site, and watched a few videos. After that, I prepared dinner, but accidently dropped it. Rather than spending another 45 minutes making it again – I simply just made a sandwich. I closed the evening with a bath, and got ready for bed.

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A few things happened today. I went to get new soles on my shoes which of course took a while. I first have to take two buses to get there, and two buses back. One bus trip is about 45 minutes. I also had to pick up my mail. Out of my mail, only two items left with me. One of them was Vonage trying to get me to go back with them. This is not something I was interested in, considering the problems I had. After questioning the sales rep, they still seem as shady as always, even though they are legitimate company.

Not much else went on today. I tried to get a hold of Chris, and tried to place an order with a company for a service – but they wouldn’t accept it. I called them, and they decided to have me jump through hoops. I told them to cancel the account. I finished the day with going with a competitor, and left it be at that.

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A bit happened today. I had to go to an appointment with a nutritionist. This meant I had to leave about 10AM to get there a little after 11AM for a noon appointment. This was recommended  by my PCP which I tend to try to follow her advise.

After leaving to appointment, I went to downtown to get cleats placed on the shoes. I also spent a little more than $5 for lunch which will hit me later. I did get home, and got the Connect Card – however Port Authority is recommending that I don’t use it until it can be registered which is on the 13th. Kind of pointless in having the card if they don’t want you to use for another week and a half?

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A bit happened today. I had a doctor’s appointment at 1:15 which meant I had to leave my apartment at 12:00. I also had other things to do, one getting food for the dogs. They ate their last meal this morning which meant – no matter what, they needed more food. I hadn’t been to the post office in almost a month neither.

So, I left my home at noon – shortly after exercising the dogs, walking them, and feeding them. I took the bus, and got into Downtown about 12:20. I went to the post office to pick up my mail. Most of it was junk mail, and the remainder was bills (one of which was paid already). I then walked to the P1 stop on Grant Street to get to my appointment on time.

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Not much happened today, although the morning was a bit to do. After I exercised and fed the dogs, they had to go to the kennel cages as I needed to go to the shoes repaired. Thankfully, a friend was able to drive me there. This shaved a minimum of a couple of hours off of my time that I would have been out which was really good since it took about an hour to repair the shoes.

Once I got home, I let them out in the back yard, and then they had the opportunity to play some as well. I watched a couple of shows, and took it easy for the rest of the evening.

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Not much happened today. I spent a little bit of time trying to get some work on the site done. I also watched a few recordings. I was in a bit of pain, and the soles are diminished, so I couldn’t take the dogs out. However, I am working twice as hard to get them to utilize the treadmill. It is a little tricky as I never taught a dog to use a treadmill before. In my opinion, Talisa needs it the most as she is still overly excited and full of energy even with two daily hourly walks.

As for my hunt on cages, I am seeking the best price. After looking on Craigslist, and not finding anything useful, and got an email for one offering a large cage for $50 without a bottom plate, and I will pick up, it seems discouraging there is one from Amazon for $1.22 (including S&H) with a bottom plate, and new. Since it will be shipped to me, I will obviously not have to go to pick it up. It would come to my home instead of the PO Box. I will write to the person that wrote me and give him my final answer.

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