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Look Back on 2011

So, the new year is here and upon us. At least for me, 2011 was pretty crappy with a few good things that has happened. In 2011, I had to move since the apartment I lived in for 10 years wouldn’t be accepting Section-8. And due to the limitations I had, finding a place was very hard to say the least. Miscommunications, and other events had jeopardized my living at first, but found an apartment. And when I said an apartment, I meant it. I literally found one choice in the nearly 6 months I hunted.

My mother got a hold of me, and pretty much wanted Chris’ phone number. After that, she had no interest in bothering with me as usual. The same seemed to apply with my half sisters, and after rumors spread amongst them, I completely severed ties with all of them. Simply put, I have no need to waste my time with such.

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Today was a somewhat busy day. I went to the post office which I picked up my mail. I also had to go and get new head phones so I can handle phone calls and music playing on my phone while I am out. I also got cleats put on my shoes which will reduce the wear on my soles. Once I got home, I allowed the dogs to go out so they could do what needed to be done, and eventually played. I also had to make some copies, and prepared some mail which I did in the afternoon while the dogs got to rest.


As for plans for tomorrow, I will eventually need to take Talisa to the Humane society for her surgery. She will have to spend the night there, and she will get operated on the 3rd, and I should be able to get her back on that evening. I am sure that Malak will miss her, but it will only be for a day.


Not much happened today. I walked the dogs, but only a short distance considering that I am still adjusting to the new shoes. I was also doing some work on a blog posting that has become more work than I would have expected, but I hope that it would actually be worthwhile. Chris stopped by later in the evening, and watched a movie. He didn’t have enough gas, so he assured me that he will take me before Tuesday. If not, I will have to go on my own.

As for plans for tomorrow, not much is planned. I will continue on the blog posting, and hopefully will be more comfortable in my shoes. Considering it is a Sunday, there is not much that I can do even if I wanted to.


Not much happened today. I went to the local convenience store, and while I was gone, the dogs acted up. I also got the information from Nicole (who provided Malak), and called them. They were supposed to send me all of the information via email, but so far – nothing. I walked the dogs on a longer walk while still adjusting to the new shoes. Otherwise, not much happened with the exception of a few failed phone calls, and a couple of messages on Facebook. I also used Facebook chat with someone, but that is pretty much all.

As for plans for tomorrow, considering it is the weekend, I have no real plans for the weekend. Yes, my life is very exciting.


I went to Colaizzi today to pick up the replacement shoes. However, the breaking in of them has been a bit more painful. I did walk the dogs on a 60 minute walk with the suffering, but Talisa pulling hasn’t helped make things better. As for plans for tomorrow, I will be watching Xavier much of the day. I sent Andie directions on how to get to my place. I am also hoping that Chris will do something he needs to do on my behalf.


Not much happened today. Talisa seemed a little more active, and I started walking her on an extended route. I also received the news that the insurance will cover my shoes as they should have, and will have to go there next week to get the molding made. Towards the end of the day, my music ran out, and I eventually will have to reset the play counts.

As for plans for tomorrow, it will be a late start, and will have to make some phone calls. I will need to cancel the vet appointment that was scheduled for two weeks. I will also need to contact a loan company I have a loan with for a hopeful two month deferment. I will also need to call a company to make sure they canceled an account as they should have. Otherwise, no other plans for the day.