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Not much happened today. My shopping cart got damaged while returning with the dog food. I am guessing I will eventually need to get a replacement cart soon. At least I was still able to bring the dog food back, and with some repositioning, the cart is functional again.

Not much after I got home. I walked the dogs, fed them, and myself and spent the rest of the evening off of my feet with the pain. The shipping of my new headphones went through UPS today even though Google said they shipped it a couple of days ago. I will expect either tomorrow or Wednesday for the headphones to arrive.

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A bit happened today, some of which was disappointing. First, I had a doctor’s appointment which was not much happened there. The doctor prescribed something for a small ear infection. Otherwise, nothing much happened. I then went to Downtown to check on my mail in false hope that One Main Financial finally sent the check they should have a week ago. It would seem as if they hadn’t yet. I will be checking again on Monday the 19th when I go for another appointment.

In the mid afternoon, the shopping cart ordered from Walmart came. This will mean that future events that I will have to go grocery shopping, especially for dog food, the cart will be taken. Since dog food is 38lbs (17.23kg) for the bag that will last two weeks, the idea is I should be able to put a minimum of one, and hopefully two bags in, and make it easier to bring the food back home, especially since I have to walk at least 3 city blocks to get to the closest bus stop to go home.

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Today was a busy day which will include making some photocopies, going to the post office, and grocery shopping. The reason of the post office was in hopes of getting a check for the money that One Main Financial stole from me. I have yet to get the $115.60 check. I then had to go get groceries. Living off of Peanut Butter Sandwiches is not ideal. I got some hot pockets for when I am in too much pain to cook. I also got some Steakums, and bread. I took the bus home, and dropped off the groceries only to return to East Ohio Street for getting something to drink.

After that, I used some of the money that Andrea paid to get a shopping cart. This shopping cart cost around $20, but with S&H and taxes, it was over $25, and to be on the safe side, I budget for $30. I should expect to receive it on the 15th of November which should be good as this will make grocery shopping much easier, especially when I need to buy dog food.

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