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Not much happened today. I received my benefits which was then used to pay my bills. My electric bill was higher than I would have liked, so I wasn’t able to put as much as I would have wanted on my credit card. Obviously my minimum balance is still paid (minimum×2+Interest+Monthly Recurring). Alexis got her new SIM card active so she is now able to use her new phone. In addition, the dogs got a walk today, and the pipes unfroze.

Not much else happened today. And no real plans for tomorrow. I will have to walk the dogs as expected, but otherwise – nothing much to go on. Sometime this weekend, I will like to do my laundry, but will wait until after I see my brother, or on Sunday, whichever is to come first.


Today was a bit chaotic. Andrea’s phone broke, and she lost her SIM card. Since I am the owner of her account, I had to go and get a new SIM. She is using my old My Touch which doesn’t serve me well, but will serve her which is better than nothing. The alternative was to put $70 down, and make $10 per month on a $250 phone. There would have been an upgrade fee which means I (she) would be charged for the privilege of purchasing a phone from a company that already gets about $150 per month.

However, with me trying to show her how to use and problems with buses and taxis, I left my home about 1:45PM, and didn’t get home until about 8PM. Thankfully, the dogs held their urine, and feces in until I made it home which was good. I just wished that they could have been trusted for free roam of the home.

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Not much happened today. After my normal morning activity, I prepared to go to Downtown. The reason of going to Downtown was to get a prepaid SIM card. This will make the wifi phone a little more function in the event that I should need to rely on a second phone. One example is if I had problems with my primary phone, then I could use the prepaid for calls to my carrier. I had to put $10 down on the account, but it is OK since it would last 3 months before I have to add more. Since I never will be using the phone, this is a small price.

I also did a little restructuring. All calls to my older phone number will be ringing with wifi only. Both of the phones have GrooVe IP which is associated with the older number. The private number is associated only with my higher quality phone. In addition, if an unknown caller calls the private number, it will redirect to my older number.

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