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Week 17 – 2014

This week was a somewhat eventful one. I had to go to the ear doctor which they put a hole in the ear drum to drain the fluids. They also gave me ear drops which is to help with the fluid. It seems to be working properly, although there is still a few days left with that. I took the dogs for a long walk to Downtown, but was in a bit of pain when I got back. In this regard I over did it I am sure. I also received some money owed which went to Amazon. This is because I need to build up as much as possible to address the Prime Membership fees that will be due next month.

The dentures aren’t doing as well as I would like. I will make an appointment next week to address that. On some other news, I got a new domain name which is fsp.house, however I didn’t get fsp.link. The first one joined my Big Ass What If Network of sites, while the second unsuccessful one was intended to replace fsp.cc as a redirect system. I have sought for two other domains in pre-registration – which both will join the Big Ass What If Network of sites as well. The first pre-registered was fsp.rentals (be released on May 29), while the second is fsp.country (be released on July 1).

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Not much happened today. Malak was aggressive to a dog as it was walking. It did give me an opportunity to correct, but I don’t think it took effect as well as it should have. I did some work on the site, and think I made some improvements. If all goes well, I should be able to get it out of BETA after resolving some issues.

No plans for tomorrow. I will be home all day, I will have to go to get some bread at the local store. I will be paying more for less quality, but it will be better than walking to the grocery store.


Today was much like most end of the month days. However, I was a little tired, and dozed off in the early evening. I did wake up to let my dogs out. I also caught up on a few TV shows, and there were a lack of podcasts that came through as would be expected in this time of the year.

I did a little work on the site I have been working on, and had to make some adjustments there. I managed to make things a little more realistic in return. As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to go to Downtown to pick up mail, pay my bills, get new cleats on my shoes, and take care of the licenses. I will also have to dog food if the upstairs neighbor can’t get it. I have enough for the weekend though.


Today was a quiet day. I walked the dogs, and Chris stopped by for a couple of hours. The landlord was scheduled to come to replace the thermostat, but called and said he will come the next day. I also found out that Google Voice no longer supports +883 dialing as a SIP address. This will mean that if I was to get my bills cut back a bit when Andie leaves my plan, then I will have to not only get Google Voice support, but also have a dual SIP ATA/Phone. So far, it will look as if the ObiHai 110 will be my most realistic option.

I had made a few adjustments to a site that I have been working on, and while not yet out of BETA, it should be tomorrow. I had a podcast come in which is interesting since many of them are off for the holidays. Not much else went on today. As for plans for tomorrow, I will be pretty much the same thing. I will take the dogs for their walk, work on the site, and if my ankles are up for it, take them again in the evening.

October 2

Today was not much of an eventful day. I did go to the local grocery store to get some bread, and did some personal work. I also watched The Event on Hulu. My brother came by for a couple of hours to visit. Otherwise, my day has been spent doing some personal work.

A musical artist did send me an email a couple of days ago, and asked me to link her web site to mine. I replied, although typically don’t just add links with the exception of people I know. She also asked to listen to her album, and provided a free link to it. This particular artist is in rap which is not really my flavor, but As promised, I listened to it as this is local talent, and I always give local a chance that I may not otherwise give.

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September 26

Today was much like any other day with the exception of sitting down and examining the financial state of next month which could be better, but I will make due. At least my bills were paid this month, and hopefully a loan I have will have a deferment for next month, so that should help a little bit.

I made a couple of adjustments to my newest site, but think it is completed. I will most likely add and remove things as technology changes, and better designs become known. I also watched Saturday Night Live on Hulu which I was glad to see back. However, things are much the same with the pain from the gums calming a bit more.

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September 19

Today was a bit of a quiet day, however was able to get a bit of work accomplished. I finished a good bit of work on the one project I was doing, and working on a couple of more pages. Once finished, I will probably post it to Twitter.

I also tallied my cash to see if it would have been worth going to the grocery store tomorrow. And it would seem as if I got 35¢ in pennies. My plans, drop them all into the fare box. That is unless it is one of those new ones that does 1 coin at a time. However, I do have enough coinage to pay for my bus fare (needless to say not just with pennies), and will probably do that.

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September 13

Today was a rather busy day. I woke up, took a bath, shaved and got ready for a couple of errands. The first thing I had to do was go to Castle Shannon section area of the city to deliver a deferment of one month. I could have mailed it, but something like that, I try to deliver it in person.

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September 12

Not much happened today. Chris stopped by in the afternoon, but otherwise – not much happened. I also went to the main street in the late evening, but most of the rest of the day was invested in working on the project I have been working on with the last PC, but lost much of the information.

I have decided to try to split the site into sections which will be around particular topics. Once I am finished, I will just have to write the index pages of the site, and from there – it should hopefully be finished. From what I can figure out, most of the hard work is completed, so I am hoping for the best.

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