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No More Facebook for Me

On 17th of June, 2017 – I have chosen to completely delete my Facebook Account. According to Facebook, I have a 14 day grace period in case I changed my mind, but I doubt I will. As time goes on, I feel that my value to most others as a person seems to be less and less. I don’t need Facebook to show me all of the useless and while sometimes amusing, lack of anything real. With this in mind, I decided to do the actual deletion, and removed the link from my .tel address as well as removed the link from my Social Network Page.

So what happens if someone wants to get in touch with me? Well, believe it or not, there is more to the Internet other than Facebook and Porn. When doing a Google search, one of my websites should show up. I can be reached via email, and Hangouts for IM communications. My Google Voice number supports SMS and MMS. If you are reading this post, you can reach me easily. Simply put, I don’t care if most people don’t know how to reach me. Almost everyone that were “Facebook Friends” have other ways to reach me. Continue reading No More Facebook for Me


Not much happened today. I managed to walk the dogs twice. Also, late at night, the tablet has arrived in Pittsburgh, so hopefully UPS will deliver it tomorrow. I also worked on a web site, and watched a few videos. Otherwise, not much else happened. As for plans for tomorrow, Andrea sent an SMS saying she will make a partial payment on the phone bill that was due a week ago. I for some reason have doubts on this though. Otherwise, not much is planned for the day.


Not much happened today. I was still a bit ill which I spent much of the day resting. I also tried to call Chris with no success. I also sent an SMS to a person. I also walked the dogs, but not as long of a walk as I wanted too. Considering that I have been ill, I didn’t do much.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will like to walk the dogs, and give them some time to enjoy themselves. If I feel worse, I will make have to make an appointment. They day will be as normal considering the end of the month.


Today was much like most days. I did send a SMS to someone that needed to know something, even though he responded with his passive aggressive stupidity. In the case of this person, it is a relationship on a as needed basis. Andrea also made another partial payment, although not as much as she said she will. I also communicated with some people through a variety of services, and took care of email.

Otherwise, I watched a couple of videos on Hulu, and started feeling a little ill towards the end of the day. However, not much planned for tomorrow. I may go to the grocery store (depending), and if possible – take the dogs for a long walk.


Not much happened today. I took the two out for a walk, but otherwise – things have been quiet. Chris is avoiding me, so I sent him an SMS. He has a week to pay his phone bill before suspension.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to wait for UPMC to call me to try to get their problem with the address corrected. Otherwise, no plans for the day. Tuesday, I will have to wait on UPS for flea prevention medicine to come in, while Wednesday is groceries, but those are for other days.


Not much happened today. I walked the dogs twice today, and I finished the taxes site that I wanted to finished. I also watched a couple of shows, and podcasts. I sent a reminder SMS to someone who will be helping me get the dogs to the vet appointment. Andrea also called me with a problem which I solved.

As for plans for tomorrow, not much is planned. Tomorrow is a holiday which means no buses even if I wanted to go somewhere. I will plan to be home for the most part though.


Not much happened today. Andie asked me to give my opinion on a couple of phones she wanted to get for Alexis and Gage. Of course, being her, she had to perform the whole means of communication via SMS. I tried to call to give her an alternative, but she of course wouldn’t answer. I am just glad I can handle my SMS via my PC.

I also got the check from Capital One. In their infinite wisdom (or stupidity), they decided to take the over payment I gave them, and send it by check (the most inconvenient way possible). The check was for $93.33, but at the time of writing this post, I used $94.79 of my credit. In other words, if they didn’t “process” this check I never asked for, I would have only used $1.46 of my credit line. I will deposit the check which means a trip to the bank, and when I pay my bills on Friday, I will give the amount I owe + $125 for my recurring bills.

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This is not the Hangout You are Looking For

A month ago, Google has a number of communication services that simply do not talk to each other. There is Google Talk which is much like Yahoo Messenger, or AIM. There is Google Voice which uses Google Talk, but offers a phone number. This can also integrate with an Android phone. There is Google Plus Messenger which is a comparison to Facebook Messenger.

However, just recently (2013-05-21), Google has announce Hangout, and offers it as a replacement to Google Talk. It also offers video, and VOIP services for those using Google Plus. The idea will eventually be to replace all of the services with Hangout. Name aside, this is not a great idea, but they do have some parts in the right direction.

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What Should Be in the Next Android OS

My life is good as for the regards to my cellular phone. I own the Nexus 4 which means I will always get the most recent version of the Android Operating System. With Android 4.2, I found a number of features that I really like, but I personally will like to see some features integrated with Android that would make the phone OS, a more capable system.

Now, I am sure that Google isn’t going to read this blog and say he is absolutely correct, and we need to do this. However, I am still interested in putting out my thoughts on what I think Android should include. I will be entering the features I will want to see from priority of importance.

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Not much happened today. I made a phone call to someone, and sent an SMS to my landlord. I sent the SMS as to not disturb him at work. He received the documentation that I asked him to sign, and would send them out tonight. That is good as they should be received by the appropriate agency as soon as possible.

I also had an incoming call on the old G2x which is used as a incompetent SIP client. While the call worked with a SIP client rather than a Google Voice client, the call was showing up as Anonymous. I come to find out that it was an international call and while Google Voice recognized the number, when it passed to Call Centric, it would seem as if Call Centric or the backbone that Call Centric uses stripped the CID information. While I don’t receive many international calls, this only extends the reasoning of why I will want to replace the G2x. With a new backup phone, I can install a Google Talk client on there, and not have to use Call Centric if they do not support it.

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