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Today was a bit of a busy day, but not as productive as I would have liked. I had an appointment with my anesthesiologist which was the normal checkup every 3 months. The appointment time was a bit off in relation with the bus runs, so I went to the Waterworks Mall – add funds to my Connect Card, and then went to the appointment. This was great as when I got out of my appointment, I walked to the bus stop and got on the 1 within a couple of minutes, and then the 4 within less than 10 minutes of getting off the 1.

Once I got home, I let the dogs out, fed them and spent the rest of the day on myself. I did receive a letter from Social Security which suggests that my income will increase about $10 extra per month. I will report this change with Section-8, and Department of Public Assistance.

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Not much happened today. I done a little preparatory and research work for one of my sites, but spent the day off my feet as much as possible. The reason is due to some blistering. I also received some documentation from Social Security which I guess I will have to address, and make a trip to Downtown to deposit the documentation.

As for plans for tomorrow, not much is planned. I will be home especially considering tomorrow is a Sunday. Monday will be slightly busy though.


Today was a very tedious day. I called the head Social Security Office which they told me I will have to go down to the office. I also had to get blood work at the request of my PCP, and cleats on my shoes. I paid the full fare bus fare to get into Downtown early only so I could wait 45 minutes at Quest Diagnostics to be seen. After that, I went to the Social Security Office which I was seen by the person I needed to speak with about 10:30AM (90 minutes later). After that, I got new cleats on my shoes, and then went to Rite-Aid to pick up the last of my prescriptions. As usual, they didn’t fill them until I got there, and by the time they finished, I had to make a decision to deposit the money in the bank, and wait an hour, or deposit the money later.

When I got home, I let the dogs out, answered a web message, and fed the dogs. I then prepared to deposit the money and get some groceries. I waited until rush hour service which meant a shorter wait for the bus home. I finished the day walking the dogs in the evening, and writing this blog post. However, much of my day was wasted.

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Today could have been a better day. Andrea was supposed to have deposit the money today after she couldn’t do it yesterday. Unless there is an SMS when I wake up in the morning, I will be passing the late fee. No matter what, if she gives it sometime tomorrow, I can’t pay the bill until Monday.

I also tried to deal with Social Security on two occasions, both of which were unsuccessful. I also did a little bit of work on one of the sites, but not much else went on today.

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Not much happened today. I walked the dogs a couple of times, made a phone call to Mohela to receive the application I couldn’t find online, and made a call to Social Security since they didn’t call me. I ended up getting the person’s voice mail.

I noticed there was a driver problem with my optical drive which HP chat support solved, but didn’t send me the email I requested. Otherwise not much else happened today. As for plans for tomorrow, I will have a doctor’s appointment, and will need to get my prescription as well. I am hoping everything will go quickly.I am also expecting Andrea to deposit the money she owes for her lines.