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Not much happened today. I walked the dogs, and while walking the dogs, I had a couple of potential SPAM calls (since they didn’t leave a voicemail) which I have set up rules against them. I also made meals for the day, and did some work on a document.

Andrea was supposed to pay her phone bill today, but this didn’t happen. Instead, she will pay it tomorrow. This however is the third time she made a promise to pay her bill – now more than 2 weeks late. She continues this, and there won’t be a phone line for her.

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Not much happened today. I did a little bit of work on some documents. However, the day has been relatively quiet. I walked the dogs, but ended up with some pain. I tried to keep off of my feet when possible.

I also been getting SPAM calls from Chicago Illinois. I am at the point where I am about to ignore every Chicagoan number. If so, those calls will be forced to voicemail, and if they choose to not leave a valid voice mail, then they will not get a call back.

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Not much happened today. I did some pre-website work, and shut down one that was getting too much SPAM. Otherwise, things were relatively quiet. Being towards the end of the month, I don’t have much money to do anything.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will likely stay home as there is a lot of snow and iced sidewalks – with some people choosing to not clean their walks.


Not much happened today. I did walk the dogs, but it was a short walk as it started to rain when I took them out. New neighbors moved in the upstairs apartment. This will be the third set of neighbors, so I am starting to feel like a veteran. I had a strange call with a +1 412 463 xxxx number, and they called twice according to the call logs, but decided to not leave a message. For this, they were marked as SPAM, and will always get voice mail. In the event they are a legitimate call, they will be taken off the SPAM.

I also finished the blog posting which took a while. I wanted to cut it down a little, but couldn’t do much. Chris also called, and said he was going to stop down, but he never did. I also went on Second Life for a little while to tend to some messages. I also worked on a couple of pages after the blog posting.

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Not much happened today. I did my morning activity which is normal. I did some cleaning in the kitchen which involved gathering some plastic shopping bags in the cubby and putting them into one large bag. The plastic bags are kept for when I walk the dogs – although Malak has been better about not going when we walk.

I took a small 2 hour nap during the afternoon. I am assuming that I really needed it. As for the evening, Chris stopped by for a couple of hours, but lost track of the time. I scanned through my SPAM, and came across an automated email from Verizon with the price as for adjustments made to my account. It claims the bill for next month will be less  than $50 which I will doubt unless I was prepaid.

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HP printers to get their own email address.

Original Article ( http://fsp.tw/19 )

Oh yeah, like nothing wrong can go with this idea. Look, I can understand the idea behind it. With the iPad, and net-tablets as well as smart phones becoming more common place for mainstream – there are times where someone wants to print from these devices. Email over wifi is cheaper than trying to send a fax on a cellular data that most likely would not support fax.

However, if not done properly, this could become the owner’s nightmare. Anyone who has email knows of the existence of SPAM. Even I get SPAM on my public addresses. So, what happens when SPAM comes in on the printer, and suddenly – that piece of SPAM is costing you 3¢ per page. At least with straight email, it costs nothing. However, let’s face it – ink is expensive.

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