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I Should Have My Own Medical Arts Building

For about a year, my Anesthesiologist (doctor specializing in pain management), and/or his colleagues have been recommending seeing another doctor in a separate specialty in addition to seeing him. I currently see my anesthesiologist every three months to make sure everything is well, and to receive prescriptions for a narcotic pain killer. However, since the last visit – I have been considering the suggestion. Personally, I am not sure what the secondary specialist will be able to do, and I have been procrastinating as I have too many doctors now. Not only do I have the anesthesiologist, but I also have a dentist due to bad teeth, an ear specialist due to my left ear drum being collapsed, and of course a primary care physician. In addition, if my ankles should ever take a turn for the worse, I may have to see an orthopedic surgeon, and another specialty (although not a physician) is a pedorthist (specializes in medical molded shoes). With all of this in mind, one could possibly understand why the procrastination.

So, tomorrow afternoon, I will be seeing my PCP, and ask for a recommendation with the specialty the anesthesiologist recommended. If she can’t provide one, then I will contact the nurse’s line for my anesthesiologist and should get something there. One of the other reasons I am considering this is due to the times that the pain gets worse, it has been more extreme, and lasts longer. Other options will involve consuming more Ibuprofen which can have problems in its own right, or seek different medicine. If the anesthesiologist suggested the option he has been recommending, I should look into that before I go and ask for something stronger. If I receive a diagnosis (in addition to the too damn many I have now) regarding my pain, then I will indulge more.

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February 2015

February was a bit more eventful. Chris made a larger payment on money he owed, but that is where I will keep anything else private. The money was used to address some of my active debt. My media tablet for my home music player has went dead. This forced me to get a new one. Since I listen to music all of the time, a player is important. I also went to see my anesthesiologist who  he and his colleagues have been recommending another specialist in conjunction of their treatment. I also visited my ear doctor which told me that my problem will be reoccurring but not too serious. I guess when it excels in being a problem, I would need to make a special appointment with them.

On some brighter news, Chris gave me an Amazon gift card as a birthday present. It was nice of him, but my birthdays are typically not important to me. However, that is the end there. My keyboard is acting up, and some keys  have been sticking. Since I use a notebook PC, it is not so easy to just get a new keyboard. I had also been using a dating site for a couple of months, and as with past experiences, not much in the way of luck.

Week 14 – 2014

This week was a bit of a busy week. Almost every day, I was out doing something. Exceptions to this was on Sunday. On Monday, the dogs got a long walk. This was a bit different from their normal one as they had a walk as far as Downtown. On Tuesday, I had a dental appointment for denture fittings. On Wednesday, I had an appointment with my primary care doctor which wanted me to see a specialist for an ear problem I have. On Thursday, I made the appointment which they wanted me to come in the next morning. In addition, the dogs got a longer walk – this time just to the Giant Eagle. In addition, Chris stopped by for a couple of hours. On Friday, I had the appointment with the ear doctor which some medicine was prescribed. After which, I had to run an errand. On Saturday, I had to wait for FedEx to deliver a package. This package was rawhide sticks for the dogs, a USB Charging hub, and cooking rings which is used for pancakes, and eggs. After that, I went to the Laundromat which I had to do my laundry.

On other events, I received a letter from Duquesne Electric accepting me into the CAP program which helps with reducing the electric bill. I also got cleats on my shoes which was needed especially considering that I do have to walk a lot with the dogs. I got my SSI benefits which went to my bills, and credit cards. Otherwise, this has been a productive, but hard weekend. There were a few days where I had to supplement my pain medicine with Ibuprofen.

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