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Phone Service by Freedom Pop

Yesterday (2013-10-01), Freedom Pop made it known that they will now offer extremely low cost phone service. There are some catches, and some information I didn’t find out as of yet, but here is the idea.

You will first purchase the Wimax enabled phone for $100 (no contract) which the phone itself is about 3 years old, so you won’t get much out of it. You can get 200 minutes/500 SMS for free, 500 minutes/unlimited SMS for $8, or unlimited voice/SMS for $11. For those looking at price only, this beats out Republic Wireless – which they will both use the Sprint Network. As for data, all plans offer 500MB per month.

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AT&T bought a T-Mobile, and it’s bad for everyone

On Sunday evening, AT&T made the initial offering to buy T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom for $39 Billion, and stock in AT&T. Don’t worry Europe, you are safe from the evil monster, it’s only the US that getting bent over. And after the rumors opened on the Internet, T-Mobile confirmed it with a small FAQ of the acquisition. The only thing stopping this is US regulators such as the DOJ, and FTC. However, I feel this will not happen, and it would be bad for everyone as a whole. AT&T of course will benefit as they will instantly increase their network dramatically, and add to a customer base of loyal customers. They are even likely to usurp Verizon Wireless as the number one carrier. AT&T stock holders will love this, and in some twisted way of faith, customer of what would once have been T-Mobile will have the option of the iPhone. However, while their maybe some sugar coating, it is simply put bad for everyone. Not only is it bad for T-Mobile customers which is obvious, but it would be bad for everyone who relies on a cellular phone. In addition, it may even likely hurt the US economy. I will explain why.

First, let’s address how this will hurt T-Mobile customers. First, AT&T already noted that they will take the T-Mobile towers and use them for their LTE roll out. Guess what that means? This will be LTE on AT&T using AT&T’s spectrum. This will now mean that all of the 3G devices on T-Mobile will simply cease functioning, or at best go to 2G which is about 1/4 the capacity of the 3G. And don’t be fooled thinking because you have the new and latest Samsung Galaxy 4G, you are safe – because you are not. This is one thing I disagreed with T-Mobile calling their HSPA+ (high end 3G) 4G. It is not, and those customers thinking they are safe because AT&T is rolling out their 4G network is wrong. So if you are like me and was planning on spending $400 – $500 on a non contract price phone that you would have for a couple of years because you prefer T-Mobile, and the non contract price, you may end up paying more if the network starts shutting down in less than a year.

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Bye Consolidated, Hello Clear

After more than a year since Nauticom (aka Penn Telecom) became Consolidated Communications, and had to deal with service issues, billing issues, support issues – I will soon be dropping them in favor for another carrier. Now, you might be asking why drop them now when I won’t be in my current residence in two weeks?

Well, first – I had looked at a number of options. Seeing the service that Comcast provides to my brother’s family, and seeing the ridiculous system in where Comcast nickels and dimes you for their already outrageous prices (average of > $100/month), I had no intention on dealing with them, even if they were willing to forgive the $32 they say I owe them when I know I don’t. Then there is DSL, but it will seem as if everyone demands some contract. And Verizon FiOS is available with a 15/3MBPS connection. Yes, I know you in Europe is laughing your behinds off, but I am not willing to pay $60 (with contract), or $75 (without contract) for speeds that should be a minimum standard. Continue reading Bye Consolidated, Hello Clear

July 15

Today was a bit of a quiet day. I chatted with a friend from the Philippines in the morning, but most of my day has been rather dull. I wrote a blog about a rumor of Sprint and T-Mobile merging. This will actually be found at my other web site.

Part of the afternoon was spent watching a DVD that came in, and of course I sent it off. In addition, I watched a couple of shows on Hulu, and looked over my RSS feeds. For the most part, the afternoon was pretty lazy.

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Sprint + T-Mobile = WTF?!

Original Article ( http://fsp.tw/11 )

While I am not sure of any verification from either company, there is a rumor that shown in my RSS feeds a few days ago about a possible merger between Sprint (#3), and T-Mobile (#4) to eventually compete with AT&T, and Verizon. However, if this is perfectly true, I have doubts of it’s success, at least for the near future.

Now, I am not saying that this won’t be a good thing – depending on how it pans out, but there are so many hurdles that would have to be accomplished. And I’m sure if these are addressed, this could be a good thing.

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A Comparison of Phone Reality

Many people in the US have cell phones. In addition, many people rely on SMS messages since voice tends to be expensive. However, there are definitely times where voice is desired, or even necessary. So, I figured that I would define what might be the best phone plans with US carriers.

Now, there are so many options, and so many variables, that I am not going to be able to go into every detail. However, I am going to establish some standards now.

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Sprint PCS – a phone for the kiddies

The United State’s third largest carrier has a smart phone for the kiddies. And it even has a cute name to it as well. The Palm Pixie coming in the third week of October for Sprint. However, this is probably a lesser version of the phone from Palm running WebOS. The phone doesn’t seem as capable as the Pre which is the flagship phone from Palm. And while the Pre has failed to dent in the market, especially as a competitor to the other smart phones, what would this phone do?

Considering the Pre is now $150 with a 2 year contract, and the Pixie (I can’t stop giggling with that name), being an obvious lesser version, I can only assume it is going to be targeted to the teen or even pre-teens demographics requiring this phone to be budget friendly. So, I am guessing this phone would have to be in the $60 – $75 range in order to make it a viable price point against the 8G iPhone 3GS which has the same capacity as the Pixie.

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One Less CDMA – Maybe

For those that don’t know what CDMA is, this is the cellular technology that is used by half of the major carriers  in the US, and a handful of carriers in other places. Unlike the global standard of GSM, this uses a completely different type of antenna. One way to tell if your phone is CDMA is if you have no SIM card. There are some “World Phones” that have a SIM card, but this is only used when a person roams in a country without CDMA.

Duetsche Telecom which is the parent company of T-Mobile is considering the possibility of buying Sprint/Nextel which also has Boost Mobile. They are also the back end data provider of the Amazon Kindle. This is good and bad for a number of reasons.

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A Letter to T-Mobile

T-Mobile is my cellular carrier for my cell phone which is also my home phone. No, I don’t give my T-Mobile number out, that is another company that does that, but if you read this post in full (by selecting the read more link), you would find all of the things I have to say hopefully to suggestions on T-Mobile.

For those that don’t know, T-Mobile is a national true cellular carrier within the US. In the US, there are 4 such carriers which are Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile (biggest to smallest). Everyone else is either regional providers (has towers but not national coverage), or VMNO (rents the cell towers from someone else). So for those that wish to read a 3 page letter, by all means – enjoy

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