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Cell Phones are Smart, Home Phones are Dumb, Why?

It is becoming very clear that the cellular phone are moving from basic or “feature” phones to smart phones. And there is a good reason of why. Smart Phones can do so much more, and are very productive compared to the basic phone.

So, why are the home phones still in a dumb mode. You have some that can pair with your smart phone via Bluetooth for contacts integration, but seriously – the home phone in reality is dumb. Archos promised the Archos Smart Home Phone, and visiting the US website, you can view it. And while this home phone is outdated, it was a step forward. But unless you are willing to spend as much if not more than a cellular device, don’t expect yourself to have a smart home phone in the home anytime soon. And this is bad.

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Meeting with Standards

I am currently working on making my web site across all portions more in standards. So, what standards are going to be noted? The ITU E.123 standard would be used. ITU is the International Telecommunications Union. This is the world wide entity that defines the standard of how numbers are to be settled. In most cases, this is only as far as limiting the number of digits (including a country code) to 15, and setting up new international country codes.

They propose that a telephone number is written in the form of + with the country code, and the number someone in another country would dial to reach you. In some countries (especially in Europe) where a 0 is provided as the first number, this is omitted.

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Standards of a new House

There are many designs, shapes, and textures to homes today. Some are large, and some are. Some are tall, and some are wide. While I feel only a few restrictions should be placed on homes in comparison today in regards to designs, I feel that the house should be dramatically changed from what they are today.

The reason is the home is the cause of 45% of the greenhouse gases. Imagine if every home was to these standards, we could cut our pollution by almost half. These proposals of requirements are based on technology of today, and while a little more expensive (expect +25%), this would be a dramatic savings to the environment (small carbon footprint), nature (small reality footprint), and the pocket (smaller impact on your finances). However, considering the dramatic changes, these would probably be best for new homes.

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What an Ideal Smart Phone Should be Like?

In a previous post, I noted that the cell phone should die. OK, so now if we took into consideration of that, and the cellular carriers didn’t kill you with a high bill over having smart phones, what would an ideal smart phone be? Well, there is no ideal phone now. There are many that have features that would make an ideal phone, but there is no ideal one.

To make things interesting – I am going to base my thoughts on current technology. This would keep me from talking about holograms and roller shade like screens. Of course, some of the features would make the phone more expensive, but mass production would of course cut the costs. The smart phone should be able to cater to all audiences – at least to a visual interface.

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