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How the Internet Should Be Handled?

There has been some talk for a few years about net neutrality. Many ISPs are against it as they say it would be unfair, and if they capitalize on special relationships with particular media venues, they would be violating it. However, we all seen where certain uses of the Internet has been throttled or killed completely by the same company that says Net Neutrality would hurt.

Well, I do understand what the ISPs are saying in their “innocent” claims, but let’s face it, they sought to maximize profits while claiming how they are being hurt. It has been shown where the ISPs as a whole has more than enough bandwidth. So, I have a few suggestions.

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Got VOIP? The answer is already

Original Article: http://b.fsp.im/936a

On Thursday, the 3rd of November, Ars Technica published an article regarding the possibility of the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) to move to 100% VOIP from the old POTS standard. If you would read the comments on this article, are with some people afraid that the PSTN is going to break, there would poor quality, and jittering galore.

First, you are already probably using Voice Over IP Protocol (VOIP). The Plain Ordinary Telephone System (POTS) relied on a copper wire running from your home going to a Central Office, and then electronically (at least since every one had their own phone number) to connect to another set of wires. This essentially meant that if you lived in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania (like me), and you wanted to call San Francisco California, you literally had an electronic tie of a phone cable from your home to where ever you called. Essentially, you owned that line of wire until you finished the call. No one else could use it, and long distance calls were very expensive. Anyone in their 40s would know that you didn’t make very long distance calls for no reason.

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