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A bit happened today. First, UPS delivered the blanket I ordered which made life a little more comfortable. In addition, I went to Andrea’s to deliver my niece her new phone. She was extremely happy with it. However, since she is not under my account, she has to work with who owns her account will have to authorize a SIM card change. This is because her old phone uses a Mini-SIM, and the new phone uses a Micro-SIM.

Chris went to my place, and on the way to my place, we seen the Route 4: Troy Hill leaving while the 88: Penn was turning on Liberty Avenue. Since we had another 30 minutes to wait for the next bus (during the rush hour), I took the time to add funds to my Connect Card, then we got a Subway at the Subway Restaurant. We left with about 5 minutes to wait for the next bus. My brother left late at night to walk down the hill to catch the 54.

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Not much happened today, although it was hectic. I misplaced my transit card, and my Google Wallet card – both of which I gave up and had them replaced as the old ones being lost. I did find them after I reported them, so that made my life inconvenient. Because of the card issue, I had to walk to Downtown which took about an hour. While in Downtown, I did pay for their license fees for 2014. I also took the subway to Allegheny Station where I went to the Humane Society to get their heartworm prevention medicine. After that, I returned to Downtown to catch the bus back home. I left at 9:00AM, and got home about 12:30PM.

As for plans for tomorrow, there are none. I will hopefully be able to walk the dogs. Otherwise, I will be home – especially since there is no bus service, nor money after paying bills. Not much else will be planned for tomorrow as I will spend some of the day recovering from today.

December 3

Today could have been a better day. I left late, but managed to get a couple of things done. I went to the Waterworks Mall which I had to go to a couple of places, and get a money order. I should have got a couple of groceries, but as I left the last of the things I needed to do, there was a bus that I just got.

As I got back to Oakland, I picked up a couple of sandwiches  from Subway, and went home. As I got home, I watched Sanctuary, and podcasts. I took a bath to hopefully calm the pain which didn’t help, and was able to chat with a friend on Yahoo IM.

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November 12

Today was a bit of a busy day. I left late and with the subways not running properly, it made things all the bit harder. Nonetheless, I paid a bill that should have came out of my bank account on the first, but never did. I made the necessary arrangements again, and hopefully, it will not be messed up again.

I did wanted to get cleats on my shoes replaced, but never made it there. I will go sometime next week, or just wait until next month. I did managed to go to the post office in Downtown, but there was nothing of value there.

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July 29

Yes, I know – I’m extremely late on this posting, but considering there was very little that was done, there wasn’t much to talk about. I had a couple of of updates that needed to be done on my phone. I also watched a couple of shows via Netflix, and Hulu. I also decided to downgrade my Netflix plan which will shift money from the DVD queue which right now – most of which are on waits and will eventually move it to my music collection.

Chris stopped down for a couple of hours last night, and otherwise, splurged on eating dinner from Subway. Nothing else was really done. I was trying to help a friend who had a hard time catching on to live running of an OS, at least from my understanding, but my connection gave out again – go figure.

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June 27

Today was much like any other day except I went to a local eatery to buy dinner. The reason for this is buses on Sunday are horrible, and would have to probably wait two or  three times as long. I also spent some time watching Hulu shows, and my brother stopped by for a few hours. For the most part, it was a very quiet day.

As for plans for tomorrow, there are a number of things planned out. I would be going to the new post office. It has been almost two weeks, but keep in mind – most haven’t mailed to the new box yet. With this in mind, I would only expect the usual junk mail. I also have groceries to get, and would expect a disc from Netflix, and hopefully the new MP3 player which is being done on payments.

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