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Commander Matt’s Pointless Comments

Late last night (my time), I received 5 comments waiting to be approved, and all I can say is this would be Commander Matt either is a 3rd grader (no insult intended to the 3rd graders) or the mentality of an 8 year old who wasn’t raised properly. So, Commander Matt, I will not reward your behavior by allowing your comments on my 2+ year old posts. Instead, I will address the issues and your immaturity here in a blog post that will have comments disabled. If people don’t like what I have to say here, that is their choice. There is no need to comment on this.

I will be taking word for word on Commander Matt’s comments, and to not waste time and space on this posting – there will be a publically available Google Document that will be there for anyone to read. One thing he wanted to be critical about with me is that I am apparently willing to cater to poor quality routers when I noted about the global IP address problem, and how I give away my privacy because I use Google Voice. Meanwhile, he provided a free Outlook.com address. So, here are my arguments to your mostly invalid points.

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Sex Sells? Guess Again

Original Article ( http://fsp.tw/32 )

An auction was halted by creditors of sex.com. This was because creditors has a $10.1Million claim on the company that owned the domain, and the best it sold for was $6Million even though there is an estimated value of $14 – $18Million. The reason for this is companies simply aren’t paying for premium domains the way they used too. So, I guess there was a pull out before a bunch of little sex.com domains came out?

What I don’t get, and I am not sure why anyone hasn’t done this already, but hasn’t the owners of sex.com considered maybe becoming the domain registry authority for a unique new TLD? Considering that ICANN would allow anyone with $500,000 to create their own domain extension provided they can manage it – should now make sense. Follow me for a moment.

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New Blackberry Messenger Coming

Original Article: ( http://b.fsp.im/758a )

On October 7, there is supposed to be a new Blackberry Messenger with version 5.0. This messenger is supposed to have better support for avatars, and 6MB files. Also, contacts would be backed up on RIM servers, and there would be SMS integration which would lead me to believe that SMS would be going to the Blackberry Messenger.

Blackberry Messenger is exclusive to RIM devices and intended to provide a means of communication through the PIN system that RIM uses and hard codes into all of their devices. I am guessing that this update would only be available on the 8xxx, and 9xxx series, and would be included in all OS v. 5.x such as the 9700 that’s coming, 9630, and upcoming Storm 2.

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My Thoughts on T-Mobile

Since March of 2008, I have been a T-Mobile customer. At first, I had a data card, and cell phone plan. With the lack of real speed with the data card on EDGE, I had eventually taken it off. Now, I have a family plan which shares certain features, and eventually makes life easier.

There were a couple of reason I chosen T-Mobile. I was an AT&T customer and dissatisfied with a few aspects including customer service, price of the plan, per kb rates of any data I used, and the high messaging fees. In addition, I at the time had a house phone and the AT&T phone. I was getting tired of the two different phone lines I had to deal with, and to upgrade to truly replace the phone without worries would cost me more than twice as much, especially considering the price.

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