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A bit happened today. I had a couple of errands, and had a dental appointment to go to. As for the errands, I needed to go to the grocery store to get dog food, soup, and peanut butter. The soup could have been acquired a couple of days ago, but as I was hoping, it was on sale. After the grocery store, I went to the local hardware store to get some recycle bags. Almost all of my garbage is recyclable, so the larger bags most typically will associate with garbage bags is what I use. The dog food, and bags however cost almost $40 – all together. The food also cost about $20, but thankfully, this was paid for with the food benefits I have.

After the stores, I made it to the dental appointment 15 minutes early. I spent about 90 minutes with several tooth extractions – two of them being extremely stubborn. When I got home, I let the dogs out, fed them, ate soup, and eventually walked them later in the evening. I didn’t do any work on any web sites, but since I had to leave at 8:50AM, and got home about 4 hours later, and with a lot of pain, and sick feeling – it will seem apparent of why.

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Today was a busy day. I took the two for a walk. After that, I got ready to go to the pharmacy where I dropped off a prescription, got two rawhides, and something small to drink while I will wait for the return bus. This allowed me to get cash back which I planed to give the money to Malak’s previous owner for taking everyone to the vet’s.

Later in the morning I received a package for replacement chew sticks which is good as I was low on them. I didn’t expect to receive them until at least Monday. I wasn’t complaining though. Nicole came about 2:45 and got us there in time, although we had to wait for a while. She decided to visit the animals that were there (Western Pennsylvanian Humane Society). In the meantime, Malak weighed in at 76lb, while Talisa is 82.

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A bit happened today. First, I had to go to the bank to make a deposit which some of it was used to address expenses. Next, I went to the pharmacy where I had to wait for my prescription to be filled. I went to the local general store, but they didn’t have what I needed there.

After that, I went to the grocery store to get most of the groceries I will need for the month. I also bought other things I needed such as soap, dish soap, notepads, and eventually razors (which I had to go back to the pharmacy for). I came home, and after an hour of rest, I walked the dogs.

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A bit has happened today, but not as much as I would have liked. I had to go to get some packaging tape which I needed to seal the box with the defective router. After that, I went to my appointment, and on my way home, the ankles started to hurt more than usual. I did wanted to make sure the dogs had their walk, so I gave them their walk – although not as long as I would have wanted. I did let them play outside when it started to get dusk so they had some of their excess energy burnt off, and got a bit of play time in. Andrea also asked me to come over to fix their PC’s network problem, so hopefully they will at least have bus fare to account for.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will be home in the morning, and will leave for my brother’s in the early afternoon. On my way to his place, I will drop off the router at a drop box. UPS will be happy to pick it up for a $10 fee. Hopefully, I will be able to get home quickly, especially if I am still in a lot of pain.


Today, not much happened. I took the dogs for a walk as normal, and in the evening walk, they got to see Nicole. In addition, they Joe (upstairs neighbor) purchased a 45lb of dog food for me, and told me to pay back when possible. This was nice as I would have had to get more food on the first of the month, and now the 18 gallon bin that the food sits in is full. As always, I empty the bin of the older food, put the new food in, and put the older food on top which assures the food gets used in order.

I also been working on a web site which I will disclose when I am finalized with it. As with all of my sites, it will be driven with a Word Press CMS. I also watched the Walking Dead which was the only time this weekend I had the television on. As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to make a couple of phone calls, continue the work on the web site, and I will expect to get a movie (Hannah) which is supposed to be a good movie.

Life is the Pits

On my evening walk (2011-09-09) with Talisa, I came across an interesting event. A woman was looking for me. She knew I walked with my dog by her house every day and even twice, and, she really wanted to find me. She even noted that she was considering posting a notice at the local pharmacy where she first seen me in hopes that I will contact her. She wanted to make it her personal goal to find me, as there was something very important to her that she wished to ask me. She absolutely wanted to know the answer to this question. The question that she was hoping for a while that I will say yes to was:
”Would you be interested in a 6 month old male Pit Bull?”

Well, to her hopes, my answer was quite possibly. I told her that the main concern was to make sure that the new dog, and Talisa will be good together. I never would want to introduce conflict into a pack, and will also have to make sure he will have a good temperament. He is good with children, and other dogs. He is a puppy, so will be easy to integrate my expectations in him. He is also good on a leash from the words of the woman. She isn’t asking for any money, and just have to get him neutered and shots. Since Pitt Bulls have such a hostile reputation, there are local programs that will neuter and spay Pit Bulls for free, or low cost. All she wants him to have is a good home, and she seen how I am raising Talisa, and knows that I walk her twice a day. She feels that I will be able to provide a good home.

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Today was much of a busy day. I got out of bed late, but managed to start the day. I had to go to the pharmacy to pick up a couple of extra prescriptions that were not filled. I also called the dentist, but got their voice mail again – so needless to say, I decided to not leave a message again. After I went to the pharmacy, I went to the hospital to get an EKG that the new anesthesiologist recommended for me to get. Personally, I see no point in it, but it was done nonetheless. After that, I took a 74B to go to the Waterworks Mall to pay a bill, and then got a couple of notebooks. I also needed to get a new cable which I got one, and headed back home. Once home, I got about 40 new songs and would look to get more, although – I will probably be able to get just one more album.

As for the inspection, the landlord told me that were a couple of things that needed to be addressed, and they will come back again on Monday. So, that means blah blah blah – delays, blah blah blah. Maybe I am sounding like an a-hole, but that has been going on since January. Hopefully, there will be no more delays. As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to go to the grocery store, and get some groceries. I am going to have to stay on the cheap side, and of course if I get anything new – make sure I won’t need to use a microwave. I will also be dropping off some pages that Andie asked for. Hopefully, she will have bus fare for me. No other plans for the day, so hopefully all can be done quickly.


Today was a bit of a very productive day. I did a little chatting with a couple of friends – one in the Philippines, and the other in Chicago. I also had to go to the local store to get some medical alcohol, a gallon of iced tea, and a couple of tooth brushes. I did spend most of the day working on the sites. While I am sure I could have simply export, and import – there are probably some posts, and pages that should be moved elsewhere.

However, I think my day was productive. I believe I have fsp.im replaced which is why the old site is redirecting to this one. I also managed to replaced some links that couldn’t been found, and a few posts were complete lost causes since the links from those pages were invalid. This will explain why I am taking the care I am. Continue reading 2011-01-02