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October 2015

October has been a month of dealing with the consequences of September. Talisa has yet to get her tests, and with 6 weeks of not having the resources to get those tests, I felt it was my responsibility to her to start the surrender process. A couple of people said they were going to help, and I am sure that at least half of them had the best of intentions, but as of the last day of the month, nothing. On the same day I had filled out the surrender documents, there was a call for the Rescue Organization to pick her up. The woman informed me that she will be going in on Monday to get all of the tests she will need, and get the care she will need. In November, the household has decreased by a third.

Verizon wanted to charge me $90 for internet only services. This is completely unaffordable, and with failure to get a price I can afford, I had to sought out Comcast which in the first week of services and even before installation, there was billing problems. Sounds just like the good ole’ days. And yes I feel Verizon is better, but I am sure that most people will feel a Tesla Model S is better than a Yugo, but if you can only afford a Yugo, it doesn’t matter that you prefer the Model S. After the installation, I should be paying about $45 per month which is half of what Verizon wanted to charge. To play Devil’s advocate, Verizon was willing to talk about negotiations when I called to terminate the account. However, at this point it is too late. Continue reading October 2015

Week 17 – 2014

This week was a somewhat eventful one. I had to go to the ear doctor which they put a hole in the ear drum to drain the fluids. They also gave me ear drops which is to help with the fluid. It seems to be working properly, although there is still a few days left with that. I took the dogs for a long walk to Downtown, but was in a bit of pain when I got back. In this regard I over did it I am sure. I also received some money owed which went to Amazon. This is because I need to build up as much as possible to address the Prime Membership fees that will be due next month.

The dentures aren’t doing as well as I would like. I will make an appointment next week to address that. On some other news, I got a new domain name which is fsp.house, however I didn’t get fsp.link. The first one joined my Big Ass What If Network of sites, while the second unsuccessful one was intended to replace fsp.cc as a redirect system. I have sought for two other domains in pre-registration – which both will join the Big Ass What If Network of sites as well. The first pre-registered was fsp.rentals (be released on May 29), while the second is fsp.country (be released on July 1).

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Today was a serious day. After walking the dogs, I had to go for my dental appointment (yes, I had two in a row). This one was to work on some fillings, but found that a one of my bad teeth was becoming a growing concern, so they extracted the one of concern, and the other two (scheduled to be extracted) as well. The one that was of concern took about 20 minutes to remove, and required stitching.

After the surgery, I had to go to the grocery store to get dog food. I also needed to get some soup since I won’t be eating solids for a couple of days. I returned home, and eventually fed the dogs – although I didn’t ate till a bit later. I also took a nap to fight the numbness, and did a little bit of work on the documents. Last, the evening was spent making a phone call to my brother who won’t be able to pay me for the phone until Saturday (due Friday). Since the bill is already paid (a week ago), him and I are going to have to have a talk about that.

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Look Back on 2011

So, the new year is here and upon us. At least for me, 2011 was pretty crappy with a few good things that has happened. In 2011, I had to move since the apartment I lived in for 10 years wouldn’t be accepting Section-8. And due to the limitations I had, finding a place was very hard to say the least. Miscommunications, and other events had jeopardized my living at first, but found an apartment. And when I said an apartment, I meant it. I literally found one choice in the nearly 6 months I hunted.

My mother got a hold of me, and pretty much wanted Chris’ phone number. After that, she had no interest in bothering with me as usual. The same seemed to apply with my half sisters, and after rumors spread amongst them, I completely severed ties with all of them. Simply put, I have no need to waste my time with such.

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Today was a big day for Malak, and a confusing day for Talisa. It was also a little chaotic for me. First, I didn’t take the dogs out as early as I normally would. The reason of why is because Malak had to go into surgery today. This means that his evening meal about 4PM was his last, and he wasn’t allowed water after bedtime. I didn’t want to walk Malak and have him thirsty until he recovered. Therefore Talisa will get a morning walk late. Chris stopped by about 7:45AM and picked me and Malak up. He was taken to the Western PA Humane Society where Hello Bully arranged the surgery (this is a good thing). He was registered, and weighs a healthy 54lbs. He then went in and I put all of the documents away.

When I got home, I walked Talisa, fed her, and played with her for a while. I did have to drop something off at the mail box, but for some reason Talisa felt the desire to get stupid and started barking. I am trying to get her to be a good neighbor especially since the upstairs neighbor works at night. Chris came back at about 4:45PM to take me to pick up Malak. He was a little lethargic but he was himself. Chris then took me to Allegheny General Hospital so I could drop off the defective phone via UPS. You would figure they will put the drop box in a easy to find place.

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Today was an active day. I took Malak out for a couple of walks as I normally would have done. His second walk was earlier than normal considering I would have to pick Talisa up, and I am sure she wouldn’t be able to go for a walk in the evening. Also, I went to Andie’s in the morning to pick up the money she owed for the phone. I then deposited it into my bank. Because of the surgery fees and the extra costs, I had less for bills last and this month. I made a partial payment on my electric bill. I gave them $30 (about what I generated) + an extra $5. I am still $10 past due with them. However, I can not make payment arrangements unless I have a termination notice. Yes, that does not make sense, but that is how they are. I picked up Talisa, and paid for her Distemper booster shot, and a extended collar (the kind that looks like a cone). So far, she has no interest in licking at her wound from the surgery. While this may now seem like a waste of money, I am expecting I will be able to use it for Malak when he has to go in Monday. Talisa has been micro-chipped, but this does not include registration. The registration fee is $20/pet for lifetime, and $6 to change the information. I personally feel if change of information is done over the web, the fee should be waved. However, I will still have to deal with that if I need to change my information.

Once Talisa came home, Malak was very excited, so I had to forbid him from trying to play with her. She actually went to the cage when she got home, and I am guessing she is associating that as a place where she rest freely. I left the door open for her in case she wanted out, but had to close it while there was food for her because Malak started to eat her food. Once she decided to eat, and finished her food, she had the door open. While I only leave food down for 20 minutes, in Talisa’s case, this will be an exception to the rule for a couple of days. She nudged me at 2AM to use the bathroom which again is acceptable for the time being.

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Today was a bit of a busy day. I went to watch Xavier (nephew) at Andie’s. While there, and while waiting for Andie to come, I got an SMS from the neighbors about the dogs barking a lot. It didn’t bother him as much, but it was a concern of me. I went back as soon as I can to address it. Shortly afterwards, I took them out for a walk and fed them. This was a bit earlier than usual as Talisa needed to be fed before she went to the Humane Society. She is going there so she could get her spay surgery. All together, the costs went to about $160 for the surgery, a booster for distemper, and an extended collar to prevent her from nipping at her wound. Malak had some peace from Talisa’s over hyper moods, but I can tell he misses her. Last someone that owes some money stopped by in the late evening to drop it off.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to go to the bank to deposit the cash I got. I also have to possibly go to pick up the money Andie owes for her cellular phone. In the meantime, I need to do this as soon as possible considering I am expecting a replacement phone. It would seem as if my phone isn’t properly connecting to wifi networks. This is a trial as I do use the wifi services when I am home. Last, I will need  to pick up Talisa from her spay surgery. However, Malak will get two walks on his own tomorrow. As for Malak, his neutering will be on the 7th of the month.

October 6

Today was a quiet day. I had to send some mail off, and while I did that, I also had sent off a Netflix disc (Original Sin). I also watched a few shows on Hulu, and caught up with most of the podcasts I have. I didn’t spend all day just watching “TV” however was still in some pain from Tuesday. Usually when I am out and on my feet much of a day, the next day is spent recovering.

Also a friend of mine was put in the hospital for an emergency surgery – so my thoughts go out to her. I am sure that she is in good hands though. As for plans for tomorrow, not much is planned. I will have to go to the store, and get some bread, and the one ankle still hurts a bit, but I am also planning on coming online which I hadn’t done for much almost for a week now.

Cut It Out

On the 7th of April, I would be going back to surgery. The surgery will be on the right foot which I was hoping was over with, but it would seem as if a bone towards the sole of the foot is becoming a problem. There was two options to relieve the pain. The first was to do a major procedure to try to extend a part of my foot in the rear, or to remove a portion of the bone that is causing the pain in question.

I chosen the second option which does have some risks. The main one is the foot could cave in more, but this is unlikely since my foot for the most part is fused together making it more like only a few bones rather than many. The recovery process is to be about 3 weeks before I could go back to walking. However, this is probably shorter than the first option. During this time, and probably a little while afterwards, I would have to use my wheelchair. Continue reading Cut It Out