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October 2015

October has been a month of dealing with the consequences of September. Talisa has yet to get her tests, and with 6 weeks of not having the resources to get those tests, I felt it was my responsibility to her to start the surrender process. A couple of people said they were going to help, and I am sure that at least half of them had the best of intentions, but as of the last day of the month, nothing. On the same day I had filled out the surrender documents, there was a call for the Rescue Organization to pick her up. The woman informed me that she will be going in on Monday to get all of the tests she will need, and get the care she will need. In November, the household has decreased by a third.

Verizon wanted to charge me $90 for internet only services. This is completely unaffordable, and with failure to get a price I can afford, I had to sought out Comcast which in the first week of services and even before installation, there was billing problems. Sounds just like the good ole’ days. And yes I feel Verizon is better, but I am sure that most people will feel a Tesla Model S is better than a Yugo, but if you can only afford a Yugo, it doesn’t matter that you prefer the Model S. After the installation, I should be paying about $45 per month which is half of what Verizon wanted to charge. To play Devil’s advocate, Verizon was willing to talk about negotiations when I called to terminate the account. However, at this point it is too late. Continue reading October 2015

September 2015

September was one of the worst months I can recall in a very long time. One could read in all of the detail with the Bad September Entry. On a note of the after-effects, Talisa is doing better. Her skin irritation has cleared up, and only a couple of traces of it remains. People who had their phone turned off that were in my account hasn’t made any attempts to pay the past due. Since I still have the full phone bill to pay off (use the service, then pay for it), October will be a very bad month – at least financially. As for Talisa’s tests, the cheapest place is her regular vet office which is $150 for the visit, CBC, and thyroid test.

On one bit of good news, food assistance benefits gone from $77 to $109. So, now I am up to 40% of what a person needs to live with regards to food. American Dream, here I come. Obviously, the state of assistance with people in poverty is a whole another matter, so I won’t get into that. As for the exterminator, he has to come a couple of more times. The last time he didn’t need to spray in here. Just now have to make it through October. While the events of September have past, the financial consequences of those events are likely to continue through the rest of the year.

Bad September!

First off, if you don’t want to read bad news, then run away. This post is nothing but bad news. September has been nothing but a long string of terrible events that is just plain wrong. I am sure I can find people to point fingers at, but it won’t change the facts at hand. With that being said, I know that this post will be of no value, and will not change facts. At best, it might bring a couple of tears to the one or two people that might read my blog, but if nothing else, I feel I should at least vent, because isn’t that what a personal blog is for?

Obviously, this post is about events that has affected me personally. And while I am not perfect, I am going to do my best to not be judgmental, and just state facts. Also, this post is not an attempt to ask for any hand outs, or even hand-ups. I almost never have help beyond the normal standard stuff that  someone in my position and state would otherwise receive, and for that I am appreciative.

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Week 37 – 2014

A few things happened this week. One of the big things is I caught a flea on Talisa, so I went to Petco, and grabbed flea shampoo. Not quite what I wanted to spend the few funds I had on, but it was something that needed to be done. Of course, both Malak, and Talisa got a bath, and post treatment. I also had fallen a little ill with flu symptoms which forced me to buy medicine to make the coughs tolerable. Chris stopped by a couple of times, but nothing too exciting beyond that.

On a better note, a good friend of mine from Mexico City got a hold of me. She suddenly disappeared, but reappeared, so to me – that is a good thing. She now has a 7 month old son, but it has been more than a year since we had contact. In addition, I have been having problems with Yahoo Messenger which is leaving me to consider terminating the program from the PC. Otherwise, things are pretty much the same.  As for plans for next week, not much is planned. I will have to go for a dental appointment, and pay a bill. I will also have to get my prescription filled for my refills. Otherwise, the coming week will be rather quiet.

Week 32

This week was much any other week, although it ended terribly. As for the majority of the week, it has been much like most weeks. I paid bills, and got the things I needed. As for the end though, my tablet’s screen broke. This was due to a drop after my ankles gave way. I invoked my insurance with Assurance Solutions, and it was a complete rip-off. They were insisted on sending me the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 with the claim that it was a comparable model. It was far from a comparable model, and the Tab is inferior in every way. I managed to work out a somewhat reasonable solution with T-Mobile in replacing my tablet, but this is likely a one time thing which means I can’t trust the insurance provider to do the right thing in the future.

This is in addition that I still have yet to get tests for Talisa. This is still $100, and the tablet breaking is a major set back. While I “could” wait, there is also the issue of paying for the tablet I can’t use, and paying for service tied to the tablet. There is also the rumors I read on the Internet where Assurance will not support a device that has been broken for more than 30 days. I am hoping to have another option on standby, but as always, I expect worst case scenario.

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Week 29 – 2014

Not much happened this week, but what did happened wasn’t for the best. I had a couple of minor things that needed to be done. It rained a few times which reduced the options of walking the dogs. They did get some long walks though. On Thursday, I took the two to the vets for an annual checkup, and vaccinations. The vet is concerned for Talisa due to the hair loss she has in the back side. He wants me to do a CBC-Chem and a Thyroid test ASAP.  The tests will cost $100 + transit to get her there and back.

For this, the landlord was very kind in offering me $25 for the tests. He said I could take it out of the rent, and considering I pay $30/month in pet fees, it’s not much of a loss on the actual rent. Someone I know needs their phone replaced. This person owes $25 to begin with. I took what was Gage’s phone (which is my phone), replaced it with a better phone which I paid half down, and put the other half on EIP. This should now allow me to get the old phone unlocked, and sold to the person for the down payment I made on Gage’s new phone + the money owed. This will mean $75 + $25. This will just mean I will have to get the money to transport her. I of course still have to sell the phone, but at least it will be something. In turn, my nephew has a better device, and this person that owes $25 will have a reason to pay the money owed.

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Week 21 – 2014

Not much happened this week. I had a dental appointment to try to correct my upper dentures which seems to have to go back to the lab for fixing. I also did some work on a few of my sites which I was hoping to accomplish more, but it is OK. Last, I purchased an album from Within Temptation, and got a new head collar for one of the dogs. Malak’s collar is wearing – so I bought a red one for Talisa. This will allow me to use Talisa’s older collar for Malak. And since I have Amazon Two day Prime shipping, and they will be sending it via Fedex, I will get it in about a week.

As for plans for next week, I will be walking the dogs to my brother’s, and they will get a couple of other longer walks, but most likely to Downtown or the Strip District. I am also expecting one of my domains that I had pre-registered to hopefully clear through. If not, I should get a refund. At the end of the week, I will expect to get my benefits which will mean I will have to pay my bills. Otherwise, I will continue doing what I am doing with the one web site I have been focusing on.

Week 9 – 2014

This is my first weekly update which replaces the daily update. This week could have been better. I received my T-Mobile bill, and noticed there was a discrepancy in my data for my Nexus 7. After talking with a half of dozen people (literally), and went through a range of email communications, I have the problem partially solved. It would seem that 30 days after I activated the tablet, my data is terminated even though I am supposed to get 200MB for the life of the tablet. A support ticket was sent to the engineer, but this could be as late as the first Monday of March for someone to address it. In the meantime, I am stuck having to get a 500MB data added to my bill, and the representative couldn’t even do that correctly. Email support fixed that, and promises to refund the charges for the 500MB while I fight to get my 200MB for that I am entitled too.

It got extremely cold this week again, but I managed to walk the dogs a few time. However, there were also a couple of days where it was dangerously cold for them to be going for a walk. Of course, they got to play indoors which is nice and warm. Talisa especially loves to sleep under the wool blanket at night. The dogs are doing well, although one of them misplaced the Kong toy again so I had to put the other one up until I take the time to look for it.

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Not much happened today. I spent much of the time home, and while I tried to walk the dogs, Talisa was getting too stupid and wanting to pull and get all excited when some of the streets and sidewalks was coated with ice. This would have made walking hazardous to say the least. Other things had occurred – all not to my favor. As with most days, holidays is as pitiful for me as any other day. I also watched a couple of videos, and fed the dogs. They also had some time to play and chase each other at least until they ran on the porch which they both know is a no no.

As for plans for tomorrow, there are none. I will be home, and hopefully walk the dogs. Otherwise – it will be much like any other day. With the end of the month, I will of course be home.


This day was a bit busy, although not as busy as yesterday. I had to handle some work for the behalf of someone else, which was done in the morning. I also received my Amazon order from UPS. The order consists of four 5lb weights, and a new backpack. My old backpack was fraying at some seams which threatens my notebook. The weights were for the behalf of the dogs.

As for the weights, Malak is walking slower, but this will be expected as he needs to adjust to the weight. Talisa wasn’t as rambunctious neither. They both got walked twice today with the weights, and one time this morning. As for the backpack, the backpack is good mostly, but there are a couple of missing features.

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