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A few things happened today. I went to get new soles on my shoes which of course took a while. I first have to take two buses to get there, and two buses back. One bus trip is about 45 minutes. I also had to pick up my mail. Out of my mail, only two items left with me. One of them was Vonage trying to get me to go back with them. This is not something I was interested in, considering the problems I had. After questioning the sales rep, they still seem as shady as always, even though they are legitimate company.

Not much else went on today. I tried to get a hold of Chris, and tried to place an order with a company for a service – but they wouldn’t accept it. I called them, and they decided to have me jump through hoops. I told them to cancel the account. I finished the day with going with a competitor, and left it be at that.

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Today was a little busy. I had to go to the post office to check my mail, drop off the DVD, and get my SD card adapter. While in Downtown, I picked up a couple of gallons of iced tea. I then returned home, and made a call to Clear which my call got dropped a couple of times. However, I finally got a hold of them, and set forth the means to cancel. I was told it would take 24-48 hours to actually cancel. I was also told that I owned the modem (not that it matters), but later – I received an email with a UPS return label, so they will obviously want the modem that I “own”.

I wrote a couple of emails, and checked a couple of other services. I managed to watch Hulu at 288p video quality with some stuttering. I know I canceled it, but if they are going to be as slow in canceling as they are in service, I will continue to use it (until I get the new service in), and I will probably be billed for the service any how. I did get a hold of T-Mobile, and they not let me have my full speed back. I am not going to be charged overages, but it would make things a little more difficult when I am not home. Once the new service comes in, I should be able to use my service from my phone, and have better than cellular speed (which is the way it should be).

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Today was not much  going on. I went to the local store to get something, but otherwise – I didn’t do anything. However, late yesterday – I had taken the plunge in getting a new ISP. With more than a week of being “managed”, I am sick of it, and will be using Verizon FiOS.  I will expect to have service installed on Tuesday, and would have service with them running anywhere between 12PM and 6{M. This is because it would take 4 – 6 hours to install the service. And of course, finding that I will never get good service from Clear again, I have been relying on my Android smart phone for my important services.

As for plans tomorrow, I will most likely be home, but I will seek to cancel my Clear service. Let’s face it, if they aren’t going to give me service, why keep them. I will just have to use my cellular data which is what I have been relying on anyhow. At least when the installation comes in, I should be able to use the wifi connection to handle all of the needs while I am home.


Today was a busy day. I had to take care of a couple of things including the electric bill, and the Fingerhut bill. I also had to buy a scoop for better food measuring as well as a few chew bones for Talisa. It would also seem as if Clear decides to continue on their problems. I had finally learned that my services are being “managed”, So, this would mean that I am not getting the service I am paying for. Because of this, I will be looking to another company.

As for plans for tomorrow, I may consider going to the post office – depending on how I feel. I will also be of course taking care of Talisa.

Pay Pal’s Policy – Sucks to Be You!

OK, the words Sucks to Be You is probably not in their policy, but in reality it should be. Recent actions with Pay Pal has caused me to cancel a subscription of a service I found to be valuable, faced a loss of money I probably shouldn’t have to, and will force my hand in writing this blog posting. So, what is going on, and why do I feel Pay Pal’s Policy should state this? Well, let’s get to the whole story, shall we?

At one time, I had a Pay Pal Donate button on all of my web sites. People have used this once in a while, and I am sure because they found the material I write useful (such as this post). Did I expect anything, no. Were the donations to the degree where it made my life better – not really. And most of the time, it would not even cover the monthly hosting fee. However, I do not have a blog to profit off of. If so, I should have closed business a while ago. Nonetheless, I had a couple of donations (literally). Continue reading Pay Pal’s Policy – Sucks to Be You!

AT&T Sure Knows How to Screw Up the Humanoid Robot!

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An Android is a humanoid robot, and AT&T sure knows how to screw it up. Here’s the thing, Android is one of the most open of all phone OSes. As I noted before, iPhone is locked down, and only available to one device line. RIM and WebOS are tied to multiple devices, but only one manufacturer. Windows Mobile (or what ever they want to call it these days) is available on many phones, but licensing fees are probably high. However, Android is free as for the OS goes, and anyone can develop for it, and therefore make their own apps.

However, this open and what makes the Android very powerful, and capable is what AT&T is seeking to kill. Let’s look at home automation for example. Home Automation companies are developing Android apps so you can control your home system from your phone. However, these  apps because they belong to a company and intended to work with their systems are not distributed to the Android Market. According to AT&T, you won’t be “allowed” to download this app. Another example might be a security company that may rely on a special app that may unlock your work terminal (via bluetooth), and since this is a security measure, it’s not available on the market. Again, AT&T feels you aren’t allowed to use this security measure. A reputable app developer may want to develop apps, but don’t feel like paying the commission to have it in the app store. Again, AT&T says no.

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