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Chrome OS, Why?

Recently, Samsung which seem to have jumped gracefully on the Chrome OS bandwagon has finally came out with an 11.6” 16GB notebook running an ARM CPU (what’s on your smartphone) to run a wifi-N only notebook. This notebook runs Chrome OS which is Google’s Desktop Operating System. Their previous models were nearly $600, while the new model has a couple of more perks, and at $250. However, as the title suggests, why?

Chrome OS is basically a very low run version of a Linux distribution, and use the Chrome web browser as the front end for the OS. You would use a Google ID to log in, and everything that is associated with Google will come in. Every 6 weeks, an update will fix any issues that may have arisen. You would use GMail for email, Google Contacts, and Talk for IM. Calendar for hosting, and there is expected to be a 200GB Google Drive upgrade from the 5GB standard option for 2 years. However, I still do not see how this will be of value. For those that don’t see it the way I do, let me explain. Continue reading Chrome OS, Why?

My Life with the Dogs (6 months)

It has been about 6 months since I got my first of my pair of dogs. Talisa, the first and oldest is the most challenging of the two. She’s not always determined, but just very hyper. I am always correcting her, and there is the occasional need to discipline too. I see that she wants to do right, but she just seems to have a hard time. It is said that spaying helps, but I have yet to see it. She has went through her first heat session as well which has been a challenge. I have this saying with her, she only gets excited over a few things – people, animals, buildings, and moving inanimate objects. She is still a puller with the leash, although she has been getting better.

Malak is much younger, and more recent to the pack. He is about 7-8 months old now, and he is much more calm – although he can handle his own with Talisa’s constant desire to play. However, he has some dog aggression, and a little selective people aggression. He is mostly willing to fight with smaller dogs, or those barking (no matter the size). He has taken well to Nippers (Chris’ dog), and those two are a better match than her normal pack-mate Talisa.

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First Impression: HP G62-340US

First, I have ordered this notebook from Fingerhut, and I am not going to go into detail of how I basically bent over and said Ahh by paying almost twice as much as the fair market value, nor will I have to pay high interest. I figured this is simply the price of doing business with Fingerhut. My intention is to go into my first impression of the notebook based on what I received. First, I had three choices as for manufacturers. I could have chosen a Acer, but with past experience with them, that was not going to be an option. I could have also chosen Lenovo. However, I have chosen HP simply because all of my experience with them have been good.

As for the specs, it is a bit basic. The notebook has an AMD Athlon P340 CPU which is a 2.2Ghz dual core processor. In comparison, my desktop has a Pentium 4 – 2.8Ghz. The notebook has 3GB of memory, and integrated graphics. The screen is a 15.6” 720p LED screen. The computer has an Media Card reader, microphone/speaker, 2 USB ports, RJ-45 at 1GBPS (assuming), HDMI, and a VGA port on the left side, and the optical drive, USB, a closed RJ-11 port, power, and Kensington Lock on the right hand side. The closed RJ-11 port is there to prevent openings for models that will not have a dialup modem (custom machines). The hard drive is a 320GB, but there is only in reality 290 as some of it is due to base8 math, and a partition for the recovery.There is also a Lightscribe DVD Writer, and wifi-N. I am assuming that I could possibly replace the wifi-N module with a better wireless module, or one with bluetooth. The PC will accept up to two 4GB DDR3 SODIMM modules, and has an integrated webcam. There is a 101 keyboard, and a touch pad that is hidden within the body of the notebook towards the center with a single button support right click.

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A Perspective of the MyTouch

It’s been 5 months since I had purchased the T-Mobile MyTouch (HTC Magic) to upgrade my RIM 8320. And I figured 5 months is more than enough time to give my perspective on the phone. First, this is a low end phone compared to what’s coming out. While the Nexus One has had more than its share of problems, it puts light that 528Mhz found on the MyTouch is actually on the low side.

So, with that in consideration, I do write this review with little regret. No matter what you would buy, or when you buy it, there would always be something better in 6 months. So, I would want to focus on two things. One would be the phone which is my first touch screen phone, and another is the OS which is one of the newest players in the game.

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New Blackberry Messenger Coming

Original Article: ( http://b.fsp.im/758a )

On October 7, there is supposed to be a new Blackberry Messenger with version 5.0. This messenger is supposed to have better support for avatars, and 6MB files. Also, contacts would be backed up on RIM servers, and there would be SMS integration which would lead me to believe that SMS would be going to the Blackberry Messenger.

Blackberry Messenger is exclusive to RIM devices and intended to provide a means of communication through the PIN system that RIM uses and hard codes into all of their devices. I am guessing that this update would only be available on the 8xxx, and 9xxx series, and would be included in all OS v. 5.x such as the 9700 that’s coming, 9630, and upcoming Storm 2.

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A Year with the Blackberry

It has been a year since I bought my RIM Blackberry 8320, and I thought I would give my thoughts. I am sure that very few would find this as interesting considering that the 8900 is the replacement to it, but some things would be worth noting.

First, I did have some problems with it that required that I replaced it. Also, I was a bit naive, at first, and dropped once which made a little scratch at the top. Nowadays, I use a hard plastic shell to covers everything but the buttons. It makes it impossible to use the holster though.

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My Thoughts on T-Mobile

Since March of 2008, I have been a T-Mobile customer. At first, I had a data card, and cell phone plan. With the lack of real speed with the data card on EDGE, I had eventually taken it off. Now, I have a family plan which shares certain features, and eventually makes life easier.

There were a couple of reason I chosen T-Mobile. I was an AT&T customer and dissatisfied with a few aspects including customer service, price of the plan, per kb rates of any data I used, and the high messaging fees. In addition, I at the time had a house phone and the AT&T phone. I was getting tired of the two different phone lines I had to deal with, and to upgrade to truly replace the phone without worries would cost me more than twice as much, especially considering the price.

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