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First Impression: Pebble Watch

On the 23rd of November, 2014 – I have received the Pebble Watch (black housing). This watch was acquired after the update on my Nexus 5 to Android 5.0 which would prove valuable, and even more so with the Google Play Services Update (whenever that maybe to come).

There are a few reasons of acquiring the watch. First, and foremost is as a time piece. This watch is more accurate than the basic watch as the watch connects with your Bluetooth enabled smart phone, and acquires the time from that phone. As long as the phone has the accurate time, then the watch does as well. Next, I wanted a minor secondary screen so I am not required to pull out the phone to see if the notification was important. This not only includes SMS/MMS, and email, but also incoming calls. And third – with support having important information show on the watch – again, so I do not have to pull the phone out all of the time. Continue reading First Impression: Pebble Watch


Not much happened today, although the morning was a bit to do. After I exercised and fed the dogs, they had to go to the kennel cages as I needed to go to the shoes repaired. Thankfully, a friend was able to drive me there. This shaved a minimum of a couple of hours off of my time that I would have been out which was really good since it took about an hour to repair the shoes.

Once I got home, I let them out in the back yard, and then they had the opportunity to play some as well. I watched a couple of shows, and took it easy for the rest of the evening.

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Dogs and the Treadmill

I have been working hard with the dogs walking on the treadmill regularly for about 3 weeks now. I know, I procrastinated some with them and should have been working on it longer, but that is in the past and not today. Some people might ask why would I want to get them to walk on the treadmill when Winter is typically only 3 months of the year, and this Winter so far has been rather fair. Well, there are a few reasons of why. However, only in the most inclement weather will I completely substitute the treadmill for a walk willingly.

So, the only issue now is to get them to walk properly on the treadmill. As of now, Malak has just been using his front legs, and acts as if he wants to shut down on it. Simply put, he is unsure of the treadmill, and there is a little fear. He trusts that he won’t be hurt on it, but there is still the hesitation. Talisa walks well on it with some exception. She seems to want to lean to the right which if I wasn’t on top of her (standing obviously), she will slide off. Once she walks properly, I will of course be able to increase the speed to 2mph or higher. So, here are the reasons why I will use it.

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