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Thoughts on PAT’s Fare Simplification

Obviously, those that live in Pittsburgh will know PAT as the local public transit system here. Most people I know have a Love/Hate relationship with it. Most people will not deny that PAT is needed in some form or fashion, but most don’t like many things that have been done. Recently, PAT asked for opinions on how to adjust their fare system, and like always, they hadn’t done it truly correctly. They asked if people will approve or disapprove on the basics of changes, but offered no real method of addressing the opinion of those changes.

So, what would I do, and what will qualify me? First, I have been riding the bus system almost all of my life. I seen it in its best, and in its worst. In addition, I have been a Connect Card user since it was made available as a BETA to the public. And as a disabled adult, I am also using it as a half fare card. This means I am touching with personal experiences on many aspects of the fare system. I currently live in the Zone 1 fare, and rarely if at all enter Zone 2, but I can understand the frustration one in Zone 2 might have. This post is my personal thoughts on what should be done with the fare system based on the current system design. I personally feel that the PAT system needs to be completely overhauled and redeveloped under a perspective of people that use the system rather than what is being fling against the wall now.

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Week 39 – 2014

Not much happened this week considering it is the end of the month. I did a little work on someone’s PC which in turn allowed me to earn a little money. That cash went adding funds on my transit card, and getting groceries. I also did some pre-work for a new site which will be coming online. I know I still have a number of other sites that needs to have work on them, but I guess I just can’t keep to one thing. As for plans for the coming week, I will be getting my benefits in the middle of the week which of course will have to be used to pay bills, and thankfully not have to worry about addressing my transit card. However, not much else is planned.

Week 36 – 2014

This week could have been better. Although one thing that happened was I finally received the check from Assurant. In that event, it took them 30 seconds to take my money, and 30 days to return it. Otherwise, everything else went in regards to paying bills, adding funds on my transit card, and getting the basic things that the first week of the month needs to be addressed with. I have been playing Clash of Clans, but hadn’t been very successful with attacks, but oh well – hopefully that area will improve. No real plans for the coming week are expected. Andrea and Chris are late with their phone bill (as normal).

First Impression–Connect Card

Late last month, I received my Connect Card from Port Authority of Allegheny County. I am not going to go in how this should had been doing 10 years ago, or how I had to wait almost 3 weeks before I could have started using it, but this is in focus on my first impression of the card, and what I think should be improved on.

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