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Week 13 – 2014

This week is a pretty quiet week considering it is the end of the month. The first few days were busy. On Sunday, I went to help my brother, and his girlfriend with something. Since there were no buses, I had to walk down the hill, and when returning home, I used Spring Garden Avenue to Lager which was a little bit easier (although longer) than traversing Troy Hill Road. On Monday, I went to the grocery store to get some things I needed. However, I didn’t get everything I needed which was a little disappointing, but I will make due. In addition, I bought a bag of dog food. While I am not low on their food, it is still good to make sure I have a spare bag. Although, I did get shampoo which I was low on. I also got my prescription filled, but didn’t make it to the bank to deposit a $10 check I received. Later in the evening, someone came to drop off money he owed for a small favor I did for him. In turn, I went to the bank on Tuesday morning to deposit the check, and cash. This will then be applied to my Capital One Card that I use to pay bills with.

In addition, on Tuesday, I had to make a couple of phone calls to address a couple of things. Chris also stopped by and spent the night. However this day has been relatively quiet. One of the calls I had to make was for an appointment with my PCP. They managed to get me in the next morning. This however meant that Chris and I left my apartment at about 7:30AM. I went to his place after my appointment for lunch, and then back home.

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Not much happened today. I worked on a document, but otherwise – things have been quiet. Chris stopped by for a few hours today. He called asking when the bus that serves Troy Hill enters Downtown. All in all, today has been relatively quiet. However, for plans for tomorrow, I will have to go to Downtown (as early as possible). The location I need to go to opens at 7:30AM, so I am hoping to get a 7:30AM bus to get in there at 7:45, and leave out at 8:!5AM. If I can do this, it will make my life easier as the documents I will have to deal needs to go out by 11AM.


Not much happened today. I received money that was owed to me. I in turn, took the money to the bank to deposit it. Those funds were then used to pay my electric and ISP bill. I also went to the grocery store to get a couple of things that was needed. I was able to do everything in the hour before the next Troy Hill came back.

Not much else happened today. As for plans for tomorrow, I will be home for the most part. I will be paying my rent, T-Mobile bill, and my Capital One bill. I am hoping to be able to get the extended warranty on my PC in the next week. I will also have to make a phone call or two which I will hopefully be able to do in the morning.


A good deal happened today. First, it seemed to have regularly rained in the morning which forced me to wait until later when it finally ends. However, I did walk the dogs taking the Cedar route. This leaves to get on Lowrie to Troy Hill Road to East Ohio Street, and finally to Cedar where I will go as far down as Giant Eagle and then in reverse. This process takes about 90 minutes, and part of the way – along a steep hill which I would have rather not have to deal with, but it is there nonetheless.

I then spent much of the day watching Hulu videos, a movie from Netflix which was returned, and worked on a web site to provide some insight to my insanity. It also seemed as if I had to make a few adjustments, but it is OK, as I believe I have resolved the problems. I will hopefully soon have the site noted for public viewing. Most of the content will however be on various sub domains – although there will be a blog on the main domain which I will eventually write on that too.

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The Wrong Way of the Landlord

Monday January 31 came and went, and I have not moved into an apartment I spent the last 5 weeks trying to get. The problems seemed to lie with the landlord which will seem to be more of a problem than good. One may wonder what makes me think that. So, I guess I should start with the basics that started on 23rd of December, and seem to be going on as we speak.

First, I looked at the apartment on the 23rd of December. While it was not the best, it was acceptable for the needs and the price that he noted. I looked at the apartment, it has a living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. There was no real discussion on the rent, however I still had one place to consider which did not worked out. I of course let him know one way or another. This is of course something I did.

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