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What Should Be in the Next Android OS

My life is good as for the regards to my cellular phone. I own the Nexus 4 which means I will always get the most recent version of the Android Operating System. With Android 4.2, I found a number of features that I really like, but I personally will like to see some features integrated with Android that would make the phone OS, a more capable system.

Now, I am sure that Google isn’t going to read this blog and say he is absolutely correct, and we need to do this. However, I am still interested in putting out my thoughts on what I think Android should include. I will be entering the features I will want to see from priority of importance.

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Not much happened today. I did some work on my site, but will probably make some changes. I also received an unknown caller while I was in the bathroom. Obviously whoever it was – it wasn’t important enough for them to leave a message. I also took the dogs for an extended walk as well.

In the afternoon, I received a call from Toktumi regarding a problem I had with their app, and service. The service seems to be working fine which I assumed that they already fixed it, and neglected to tell me. However, the representative noted that they were rebuilding their app so maybe one day it would work properly.

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