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To Skype, or Not too Skype, That is the Question?

OK, the title is a little misleading while making the cheesy Shakespearian parody, but it does bring an interesting point. Is there really a place for Skype when there are well established open standards in place?

Some may say, does it matter? I would have to say yes it does. First, I am sure that Skype works well for millions of users and it is used regularly and reliably. And for that, it is fine. However, earlier this year, all of that almost came crashing down. When eBay bought Skype, they for some reason never purchased the proprietary technology that makes Skype work. There was a dispute about licensing that if it didn’t work out, Skype would literally fail to work, and all of those millions of users would be SOL. Every single piece of hardware, and Skype phone that is out there would be paperweights.

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My Analysis on Project Dark (T-Mobile)

It would seem as if everyone is an analyst. Everyone has an opinion on Project Dark from T-Mobile is. The only thing anyone knows for sure is it is supposed to be a game changer in the US cellular industry. I heard some serious things, and some rather silly and ridiculous things about what this would be. I also heard some serious doubts on one of the more serious ideas that T-Mobile would be able to pull this off.

So what are these rumors, and how likely do I think they are? Well, here is what I heard, and my thoughts on them.

  1. T-Mobile building a HSDPA network (Extremely Unlikely)
  2. Apple iPhone coming to T-Mobile (Very Unlikely)
  3. New Uniforms for person – person representatives (Possible, but not important)
  4. Cool New Phones that people want (Very Likely, and somewhat important)
  5. New Pricing Plan and Infrastructure (Likely, and Game Changing).

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Engadget may say T-Mobile is going to do something stupid?

Original article ( http://fsp.tw/56 )

Although I would disagree. For those that don’t know, and this happens to be the first page you read on my blog, let me go into detail.

  1. T-Mobile might be offering unlimited minutes/SMS/data on their service for $50/month.
  2. Conventionally, this would cost $135/month
  3. There is great praise on the Customer Loyalty plan which costs $85/month
  4. T-Mobile owns their own network, and backed by a major carrier in Europe
  5. The US has the highest rates for cellular coverage in the world.
  6. VMNOs who don’t own their network charges $50 or less for unlimited service

Now, analysts are saying that T-Mobile (if they offered this) would fail. If you read the above list, you would find that this might be conceivable. Here are my thoughts

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Magic My Jack

On Monday 9th of June of 2008, I have received a special piece of hardware that utilizes software, and a service. This device and service is called Magic Jack. It is a special device that connects to the USB port of your Windows XP/MAC OS PC. The software installs on your PC, and you set up with an email address. You would than be able to select a limited line of phone numbers that are US based. Once you set everything up, you would be able to connect a telephone that has a standard US based RJ-11 jack into a the device, and you could make regular phone calls.

The device cost’s about $50 including shipping. It takes about 5 -10 minutes to set up, and it installed easily on a Windows XP Pro computer. It includes one year of service, and each additional year is $20/year. Continue reading Magic My Jack