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Better than Before, but Not as Good

T-Mobile on Sunday came out with their new plans. Depending on whether it would be a family plan, or an individual plan, and whether you would do a contract, or not. If you are post paid, in good standing, and willing to pay a transfer fee, you would be able to get the pricing for non contract.

So, what did my old plan consist of? First, I had 1800 minutes, UMA, and My Faves. In addition, I had unlimited SMS for the account. Each line had insurance on it, and my personal line had a $20 data plan. With the 4 cellular lines, and 1 VOIP line, I was paying about $240. This was a lot of money, but worth it for the most part. Out of this, my line used mostly UMA supplemented by the My Faves, and then serviced by cellular minutes. My brother’s line used  almost always the My Faves with a couple of hundred minutes for the other calls. Andie’s line used mostly cellular either with a bad internet infrastructure, or lack of management for My Faves. The last cell phone was confiscated since the person supposed to be paying for it didn’t.

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T-Mobile is Declaring War – Maybe?

Wow, this month seems to be rumor mill month on this blog, and while one didn’t pan out, one has yet to be decided. However, here is another rumor, and there are pages of results if you should do a Google Search for Project Dark Plan. So, what is it, and why would I say that T-Mobile might be declaring war?

This plan would mean that you can get all of your cell minutes, SMS/MMS, and data for $50.00/month per line. This actually sounds better than what I heard from the Customer loyalty plan as that plan ala carte the SMS, and data. If this holds true, it would definitely be a major event for T-Mobile, and a serious blow to all the carriers, even Cricket who has $45 plans (less if you sacrifice the essentials). Here is why!

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T-Mobile, My Preferred Carrier

With a little more than 1 month, I have come to actually enjoy my new T-Mobile service. While the phone was pricey, I wanted to get something that was better than my Razr. I could have got something cheaper, but I chose my 8320 because of the QWERTY keyboard. I used to rely on Vonage, and AT&T for a combination of my home, and cellular service. I used to set up where Vonage set Simul-ring to ring my cellular – so I could choose which phone to answer, and make it so a person would only have to deal with one phone number. I still wanted to provide with one phone number, and I would have used my Grand Central number, but the service has this annoying call presentation. This is to me, a stupid decision by Google, which I hope they correct.

So if I wanted to have just one phone, my options were Cricket which been there and done that. Maybe Cricket got better, but I wasn’t going to waste my money to risk it, especially since a Razr from Cricket is about $250. The other option was T-Mobile with the Hotspot@home service. I chosen T-Mobile with the HotSpot@home service, and I would go into detail of why.

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